Thursday, December 4, 2014

Watamazing Dishes at Watami, Shangri-La East Wing

For good Japanese food, casual dining look, laidback and modern interiors - look no further as I've discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant tucked in the quiet corner of Shangri-La East Wing.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Watami don't just serve ramen or tonkatsu; they also serve sushi, sashimi, skewers, hotpots, stone pots, etc! Whatever your Japanese cravings are, they have it here. Watami regularly updates their menu and introduces novelty to their selection, so there's always something new to look forward to!

Watami has some new dishes, such as the Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl Set (P275.00), a bowl of steaming rice topped with chicken chunks perfectly cooked in scrambled eggs. This set is served with salad and a glass of Japanese cold tea. 

Another new item on their menu is Sliced Beef and Onions with Yakiniku Sauce (P295.00). This dish definitely doesn't skimp on beef - it's heavy and flavorful! 

Watami's assorted ramen are a must! They are made with freshly-cooked broth and fresh noodles. Enjoy the flavorful shrimp ramen soup and shrimp skewer toppings in the Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen (P425.00).

For those with HUGE appetites and partial to bold flavors, the Sumo Wrestler Hotpot (P495.00) does not disappoint. It has a mouthwatering combination of tofu, pork belly, fresh mussels, clams, squid, and shrimps simmered in Butechige soup and Tategi paste.

One favorite of mine is the Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll (P225.00) - fried tempura-style salmon seaweed sushi roll with Yakitori sauce. It's something I would order for snack, and I could seriously finish this, no sharing! :D

Forget Takoyaki sold in train stations, those are all flour. Go for a premium one like the Omatsuri Takoyaki (P165.00) instead - it's coated in a special sauce, sprinkled with Aonori and Bonito flakes and topped with mayo.

For a good drink to go with all those delectable Japanese food, try Mango Yakult (P150.00). It's a balance of sweetness with a bit of tart and is very refreshing.

If you're into green tea, try Milky Green Tea (P165.00). It's a sweet and thick green tea drink that's very creamy. 

What better way to end your meal with dessert! I expected to love Macca Tiramisu (85.00), but it was just okay. This small cup is hard to finish on its own, and you can share it with a friend to reduce the umay factor.

Between these 2 macca-based desserts, I liked the Macca Ice Cream & Anmitsu Dumpling (P125.00) better since it had more flavors and textures in it.

Vanilla Egg Custard (P95.00) is warm and comforting, it has a similar texture to leche flan, only this one is more vanilla and less sweet. I loved it.

Mango Parfait (125.00) looks pretty but is hard to eat since you can't scoop the corn flakes out, so I recommend asking for a bowl and just pouring the entire thing on it. Parfaits are also available in Macca or Chocolate.

Watami provides a variety of delicious and authentic Japanse food in a casual environment. I've noticed that among all restaurants under The Bistro Group, Watami has the most affordable prices without compromising the quality and serving size.

Watami is located in Shangri-La East Wing (6/F), SM Mall of Asia (2/F), and Glorietta (G/F). Visit your nearest branch and enjoy these sumptuous new dishes! ♥

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