Saturday, June 7, 2014

X Means Love: I'm Now Protected with Cervarix!

They say cancer has no cure, but prevention is always better than cure. If there's one type of cancer that can be prevented, it's cervical cancer - a silent killer that claims the lives of countless women everyday. It has no signs or symptoms on its early stage, and when the symptoms do show up, the cancer is most probably already at its advanced stage already. Taking the HPV vaccine is a proactive step I took in taking care of my body.

Last May was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It was also the month when I finished my full course of HPV vaccines using Cervarix at Healthway Medical.

The full course of this vaccine means 3 shots in a 0-1-6 months interval. Meaning, my first one was last November 2013, second was last December 2013, then final one last May 2014. After completing the vaccines, I'm now protected from HPV 16 and 18 for up to 20 years, without the need for boosters. (HPV 16 and 18 are responsible for approximately 70% of cervical cancer.)

If flexibility in the vaccination schedule is necessary, the second dose can be administered between 1 month and 2.5 months after the first dose and the third dose between 5 and 12 months after the first dose.

Learn more about this vaccine here:

Have you taken the HPV vaccine yet? This 2014, it's about time we proactively took action on protecting ourselves and our loved ones from cervical cancer through screening and vaccination.



  1. how much did it cost you??? im curious about this :) thanks

    1. I only paid P400 x 3 (for doctor's consultation), since my full-course of vaccines was from Glaxo.

      This will cost around P2,500/shot, but Healthway has promos from time to time. :)


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