Monday, August 6, 2012

Mesa Filipino Moderne

My cutie niece, Daphne, will be turning two this week so our family had a Sunday lunch out to celebrate. We went to Mesa in Tomas Morato for some delicious Filipino cuisine.

Baked scallops with garlic butter (P210.00)
Scallops on a half shell with garlic butter compound

This was the first dish to reach our table. I loved the tender scallops coupled with the aromatic and salty garlic and butter. It teased my taste buds so badly, that I think I could eat about 3 plates of this (plus rice) by myself - no kidding and no sharing.

Shrimp cake (P225.00)
Delicious shrimp patties skewered with asparagus

River Shrimp (Swahe) - On the rocks (Rikki's favorite) (P280.00)

Shrimp lovers would simply love the Shrimp cake and River Shrimp - On the rocks. The shrimp that were served on the rocks were initially raw. The pot was brought to the table, and the shrimp were tossed inside the boiling hot rocks. The result was fresh, perfectly cooked shrimp.

Steamed Supreme Beef (P280.00)
Savory steamed beef briskets seasoned to perfection

Grilled Liempo Mesa Way (P185.00)
A classic grilled pork belly

Crispy Boneless Pata (P480.00)
Deep fried pork leg with the same great taste without the bone

For our main course, we had beef and pork dishes. The Steamed Supreme Beef and the Crispy Boneless Pata were both tender and tasty. I also liked the Grilled Liempo Mesa Way because it wasn't all fatty - it had a fair amount of lean meat compared to liempo dishes from other restaurants (which meant value for money!).

For dessert, we had this banana turon drizzled with chocolate sauce. I forgot to note the real name of this dish, but we ate it together with the gelato cake (from Caramia) we brought along.

I am not exaggerating, but yes, everything tasted great. My first thought was if ever I have foreign guests to entertain, I would certainly bring them to Mesa. They'll fall in love with Filipino food for sure.

While most of the servings were small, the exceptional flavors made up for the price of the dishes. My favorite would be the Baked scallops with garlic butter plus both the shrimp dishes for the appetizer and the Grilled Liempo Mesa Way.

Caramia Banana Blast Gelato Cake

We also got a Banana Blast Gelato Cake from Caramia as Daphne's birthday cake, since she's crazy about ice cream. She was filled with excitement when she saw this! We all loved every bit of this Gelato Cake (except for the tangy strawberry slices).

Mesa Filipino Moderne
264 Tomas Morato Ave. corner Sct. Fernandez, Bgry. Sacred Heart
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 441-5197

Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday 11:00pm to 12:00am



  1. that gelato cake!!! *o* I wanna eaaaat it!!

    1. It hurts to slice it because it's so pretty! :O

  2. Oh my! Everything looks sooooo delicious! XD

    1. Hi Yumna! I missed you! :)

      The food was exquisite. It's the first time I've eaten Filipino food that tasted this good.

  3. This post made me hungry! Definitely going to Mesa on Sunday! hahah!

    - Nadine

    1. Haha! I want to go back there too this weekend! :)

  4. OMG! those foods are the foods that I am craving these days o.O nuuuum! nuum! nalalaway ako sis. hahaha. LOL :)) those scalops, shrips and liempo makes me wanna say nuum! hahaha :)) happy birthday to your niece! :D

    1. Thanks for greeting my niece, Jhen! :D The scallops and shrimp dishes were heavenly. Do drop by Mesa sometime. :)


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