Friday, August 31, 2012

Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

Most girls and (even boys) adore Katy Perry! From her quirky costumes, stunningly gorgeous beauty and physique, and powerful voice - most would think that this is the formula for overnight success. But Katy Perry worked hard to achieve where she is right now and this movie would show you the story.

Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D was like an intimate look at what really happened before and during Katy's meteoric rise to fame, and a backstage pass and front row seat combined to her sold out world tours. While Katy had her fair share of rejections (as there were some people who said that she couldn't do it), she proved them wrong. Katy is the first woman to have five #1 singles in one album! It's amazing on how she composes songs that are connected to her life - and most, if not all, songs we can relate to.

I wasn't able to watch her concert here in Manila, so I enjoyed the parts of the movie that had highlights of her concert. The production in all her concerts are so colorful, fun, and lively - everything Katy is all about! (Another trivia: Katy is very hands-on when it comes to her shows; she works behind the scenes, including the stage set-up and things like that.)

And if you're curious on how she looks like without makeup, this movie has loads of scenes where Katy looks au naturel. She still looks pretty and fresh! (But being the kikay girl that I am, I prefer her looks when she's all glammed up!)

Another thing, one part that struck me the most was the part when her marriage got over during her world tour. It was heartbreaking to see her cry a lot (even before her fan meetups and concerts). All I can say is that she tried to make it work. But then, through tough times, there are lots of lessons learned, and she emerged to be a stronger, better person.

After watching this movie, I came to appreciate more what Katy is as an artist. Her one goal is simple: with every performance she gives, she wants to be able to make people smile. But she did more than that. She's inspired. She touched lives. She dared us to dream and live our dream.

Watch Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D (in cinemas August 29, 2012) with your girl friends or sisters for some ultimate girl bonding experience!  I've watched this together with my fave blogger friends at Gateway Cineplex - one of the comfiest cinemas in town. :)



  1. i love katy! it's been awhile, glad you are back!

    1. I loved Katy more after I watched this. Thanks, Arya! I missed blogging. :)


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