Monday, March 19, 2012

Climate Change Commission Launches Video Ad

One cause that is very important to me is the environment and climate change. We live in a beautiful country, but it saddens me whenever I see people taking God's blessings for granted. By not caring for the environment, we are depriving the future generations from the natural resources that we are enjoying today. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, the Philippines is greatly affected by climate change. We have already experienced it firsthand, with super floods that reach up to our house's gates, and summer heat waves that cause drought in the land. Both of these are just the beginning, and could get worse as time passes by.

Last Saturday, the Climate Change Commission of the Office of the President of the Philippines launched their video advertisement addressing climate change. They made use of animation to discuss the different types of renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, etc., so the young and old alike will find it interesting and more easy to understand. These renewable energy help mitigate the production of greenhouse gasses (from our traditional energy sources such as gas and coal) and global warming. (After watching that, I wish we had solar panels at home!) These ads will be shown in all SM and Ayala cinemas for one whole year.

This video shows how we can contribute in our own little ways. I do my part by using eco-friendly beauty products, turning off and unplugging unused lights and appliances, bringing my own water bottle and eco bag when I go out, not littering, and not wasting water when washing and bathing. See how our fellow Filipino brothers and sisters plan to do their part in caring for the environment.

Just to share with you, last month, I've developed a fascination with ponkans. I never liked eating oranges because they're sour. But lo and behold, my mom bought home the sweetest bunch of ponkan oranges from the market. I think they're in season now because they go for just P5.00 a piece (compared to other months when they are sold double the price). With one orange, you only eat 85 calories and get more than a day's supply of vitamin C plus potassium and folate (got that from Cosmo). They I decided to just drop the seeds inside a pot of soil. I watered it everyday (just for fun), and was not expecting it to grow, but it did! It's now a tiny ponkan seedling, and when it grows (hopefully), I will have to find another home for it since the pot might be too small by then. How I wish I had a garden, so I could plant more trees, flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

We only have one Earth, one world to live in so we better shape up and do our part in caring for the environment. It's never too late to start, because we still have trees around us. While climate change looks like it's here to stay, we can be more climate-resilient when we are prepared.

How do you plan to care for the Earth? Share your Earth loving tips with us today!


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