Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chill Out with Krispy Kreme Chillers

Another month, another freebie! So from my well-loved Krispy Kreme 2012 Calendar, I took out the March coupon to a trip to the mall. As usual, I went to their SM North EDSA Annex branch. Their crew were all smiles even after a long day, and I love their positive vibe. I am always happier after a trip to Krispy Kreme.

March: Free Chiller of the Month (Medium Sized)

I got to choose the flavor because I think their featured Chiller was not available yet. (Not sure though, but more on that later.) I chose strawberry, which was very thick, fruity, creamy, yummy, cold, and everything nice you could think of. The sweetness was just right. In short, I loved it.

Strawberry Chiller (Medium)

And just this Sunday, I saw this variant of Chiller uploaded in Krispy Kreme's Facebook page. I love mangoes so I am sure this is also good! I'm not sure if this is a new/seasonal flavor, since it was not in their menu yet when I went there last Saturday.

Mangoes & Kreme Chiller

If you're looking for a quick chill in the hot summer day, drop by the nearest Krispy Kreme store and try out their chillers. They have lots of flavors to choose from, like caramel, chocolate, and other fruit-based ones. Strawberry is still an instant favorite of mine, but mango is already in my must-try list.



  1. Yummy :) I want to try the strawberry and also their mango, they looks so good :D I'm gonna try it soon!! ^_^ thanks for sharing~

    1. Try strawberry! It's really good! :)


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