Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, Maybelline is my go-to brand because it is inexpensive and it works! After using up 2 tubes of Maybelline's Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara (discontinued), I had to look for another non-waterproof mascara that won't smudge or flake - mainly for everyday use.

Good thing Maybelline was on sale the whole month of December! I got their Magnum Super Film Mascara at 30% off! So from P399.00, I got it for just P279.00. (I liked it so much that I bought another tube as backup, since I don't know when they'll be on sale the next time around.)

The color of this bright yellow and red tube reminded me of Wonder Woman.

It comes in only 1 shade, which is black.

About the product:

The champion against sparse, skimpy lashes
The Magnum Super Film possesses an incredible volumizing power together with the magical vanishing power of film mascara. The film technology wraps lashes with mascara fiber in a tube-like manner to give fuller lashes and the fiber can be removed as a whole easily. This lush, smudge-proof mascara stays put for 24 hours - then rinses off with warm water.

Top secret new collagen formula
The key to its incredible powers is a breakthrough new collagen formula, developed deep within the secret research facility of Maybelline New York. It combines the perfect balance of hard and soft waxes together with thickening agents as well as light emollient to eliminate the ever-present threat of clumps.

Wielding the wonder-weapon: the Magnum Brush
The brush made famous by the original Magnum volumizing mascara from Maybelline New York makes an encore appearance in this fantastic new formulation. It's twice as large as regular brushes and slightly curved to cover the entire fringe of lashes in one fell swoop. Lashes are coated from root to tip, instantly volumized and dramatically lifted with a single stroke.

The Magnum Brush:

Before & After:

As you can see, I have super sparse and thin lashes that point downwards. I just use my eyelash curler and apply 2 to 3 coats of Magnum Super Film Mascara. If I curl my lashes properly, the mascara holds the curl and it lasts all day! By afternoon, I can still see my lashes lush and curled. I like that the mascara is not too wet/watery, and it does not easily clump. (But in case it does, I'll just use my lash comb to fix things.) Even if I have oily lids, or if I sweat or cry, this mascara does not budge! It stays true to its promise of being smudge-proof, after all. At the end of the day, removing this mascara is a breeze! I just step in the shower and let water do the trick. This mascara comes off in solid little tubes, so it does not melt on your face and make you look like a racoon. No unwanted pulling of lashes and eye-irritation here.

If you're not a fan of washable mascaras, Maybelline has also the classic Magnum volumizing mascara, which is the waterproof version of Magnum Super Film.

  • Super Film formula is sweat-proof and tear resistant, but slides off easily with warm water for hassle-free removal at night.
  • Waterproof formula stays on in extreme weather conditions, only coming off with oil-based eye make-up remover.

SRP: P399.00
Available in all Maybelline counters nationwide.

For now, I'm so loving this mascara. It's my favorite, and unless Maybelline will bring in something better, then I hope this would not be discontinued. How about you, what's your current mascara?


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