Sunday, January 15, 2012

Azta Urban Salon

I'm always too lazy to get a haircut. Since I did not get one in time for the New Year, then I made it a point to have a haircut before Chinese New Year! I dropped by Azta Urban Salon in Forum Robinsons (Robinsons Pioneer in Boni). Their salon is so easy to find - just by the entrance so you would not miss it.

Since I went on a Monday morning, I was serviced right away. I love going to the salon during weekdays! No waiting time.

I had a Belle De Jour coupon for Azta Urban Salon with me, I planned to use it for the free hot oil valued at P500 upon avail of any service. But then I was asked whether I'd like to have a free haircut instead, so why not?

Prior to the shampoo, I was asked whether I had my hair digi-permed. Nope, I did not. And yey, my hair looked digi-permed even if it's not! Haha.



My hair looked so tame here! Sometimes, I wished I had straight hair. But of course, my hair won't look like that if I air-dried it, but I love how my stylist added layers on my hair so the waves won't look too sabog or fluffy. I went to the office with air-dried hair, and again I was asked whether I had my hair permed. I said no, and then was asked again if I had it set using curling irons. So there, I'm loving my curls and my cut!

Thanks, Joie, for the great haircut! See you next time!



  1. a lot of my college friends have their hair cut there, at least when we were still in college cause of the katip branch. :D good for you on your free haircut! :D i also want to use some of my BDJ coupons badly. i find it challenging to use them all haha

  2. @Kumiko Mae: Me too, I like buying BDJ but I don't really get to use up the coupons! :)

  3. you looked pretty in both tho i prefer the curls! thanks for the plasters again xox

    1. I like my hair curly/wavy too. Thanks din, and I'm happy you still have them! Haha :D


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