Sunday, March 21, 2021

My 199-peso nose job a little palette! 😉
I've had the Silkygirl 3D Brow & Nose Shadow for quite some time now. I've been working from home for over a year now, so I'm more friends with food than makeup (LOL), but last week, I had a presentation with our U.S. colleagues and so I played with makeup again. It's been a while!
Silkygirl Expert Brow & Nose Shadow is a two-shade powder kit that adds dimension to your brows and nose. Use both shades to create natural 3D brows; light shade to contour nose.
  • Easy application
  • Matte finish
  • Long-wearing
  • Fragrance-free
  • Not tested on animals
My kit is in the shade 01 Dark Brown. It looks quite warm against my skintone.
When worn:
I used the lighter shade on my nose line. I applied it using my fingers only, and look at the results! It's like my nose grew a sharper bridge in just seconds. I'm so amazed! Oh, I also applied a bit of MAC Strobe Cream on my nose bridge as highlight.

Price: PHP 199
Silkygirl is available online via Shopee and Lazada

Silkygirl is seriously such an underrated brand. I have a number of Silkygirl products in my kit and they all deliver. It's just that the packaging is not fancy enough. Their packaging could be improved to catch the attention of makeup lovers.


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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Salmon HQ's new products for the Lenten season

Salmon HQ will make abstaining from meat easier during Lent with their newest offerings: Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake and Seafood Wafu Pasta.
Get ready to indulge in savory seafood goodness!

This medium tray of Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake is filled with soft shell crab, ebi, premium kani kama, Japanese sushi rice, aonori (seaweeds), ebiko, topped with their homemade spicy sauce & wasabi dressing. I've tried lots of sushi bakes before, and this one is #1 for me. Salmon HQ sent me this one, but I ordered another one right away for gifting. It's THAT good - too good to not share.

This is so generously topped with meaty soft shell crabs! It may seem expensive for a sushi bake at first glance, but when I think of how expensive small pieces of soft shell crab sushi in Japanese restaurants are, this one from Salmon HQ is automatically a good deal. Worth it, I say. My mom who is not a fan of sushi said that this was so delicious, and thought that Salmon HQ was an actual restaurant. When I told her it's a home-based business, she was even more amazed by that fact. This is sooo good.

  • Small: PHP 800, good for 1-3 pax, 6 3/4”x 5 3/4”comes with 1 seaweed pack
  • Medium: PHP 1,600, good for 4-6 pax, 8” x 8” comes with 2 seaweed packs
  • Large: PHP 1,800, good for 6-8 pax, 8" x 10" comes with 3 seaweed packs
+ PHP 50 for an additional pack of seaweeds (brand varies depending on the availability)

Their second new release is this beautiful tray of Seafood Wafu Pasta. It's a mix of spaghetti, scallops, shrimp, and salmon tossed in an umami soy butter glaze. I have never had a seafood pasta of this kind before, so this is such a unique and flavorful take.

  • Small: PHP 500, good for 1-3 pax
  • Medium: PHP 1,000, good for 4-6 pax 
  • Large: PHP 1,200, good for 6-8 pax
Salmon HQ ships from New Manila, Quezon City.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

The truth behind Kabaya Collagen 10000 Gummy

Today I'll be sharing with you the truth behind Kabaya Collagen 10000 Gummy. It's not that the brand lied or anything, but this product is being marketed by numerous online stores, claiming that each gummy contains 10,000 mg of collagen. Of course, I bought a pack to try out of curiosity!

At first bite, I immediately thought that 10,000 mg of collagen per gummy was too good to be true as it tastes so delicious - just like a normal fruity candy!
My day job involves fact checking and investigating, and so I was able to use some of the skills I've learned to come up with this post.

Kabaya Collagen 10000 Gummy is made in Japan. Based on their company website, the company was established in 1946, and some of their products include chocolate, fizzy candy, gummy, healthy snacks, candy, baked sweets, and candy with toy.
The exact English product description of the Kabaya Collagen 10000 Gummy, as per the company website:
"It is a gummy that you can intake 10,000 mg of collagen as well as Hyaluronic acid in one product. You can enjoy 3 flavors; grape, lemon and peach. It is an individual packaging convenient to share among your friends."

So there, the description is kind of vague, but the company never mentioned that the 10,000 mg of collagen is per piece.
I checked the back of the packaging. The descriptions are in Japanese, so I used both Google Translate app and website to check.

Source: Google Translate app (Please see highlighted part.)

My language skill was tested, but here it is:
  • コラーゲン10000mg入り. (1袋170g(個包装込み)当たり)
  • Contains 10000 mg of collagen. (Per 170 g per bag (including individual packaging))
If each pack of Kabaya Collagen 10000 Gummy contains 170 g, and each piece is approximately 4.7 g, then each pack would contain approximately 36.17 pieces of gummy. (My own pack contained 38 pieces!)

So 10,000 mg of collagen per bag divided by 36.17 pieces = approximately 276.47 mg of collagen per gummy. It's not 10,000 mg per gummy.

The gummy candies are individually packed and they come in lemon, grape, and peach flavors. They taste really good, in fact, too good for a collagen product, hence the investigating I did. Each gummy contains approximately 276.47 mg of collagen, which is high considering it's a candy you can enjoy and eat for fun, but don't expect drastic changes on your skin with these. I've already eaten 18 pieces of these and I will still repurchase as I have a sweet tooth and if I'm going to eat sweets, better make it count by eating something with possible beauty benefits.
The only side effect I noticed, after eating 3 pieces in a row, was I got sleepy. I didn't breakout from this nor did I get an upset stomach.

I bought mine from Shopee at only PHP 170 per pack (which was the lowest listed price but is currently sold out), but there are many other shops selling the same product at a slightly higher price.

Remember, if what you read is too good to be true, it most probably is. Be careful and extend due diligence to the things that you consume.

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