Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Shopkins Lil' Secrets looks like my fave 90s toy!

Hi, I'm Helen and I like tiny toys. Even after decluttering my stuff, I will never let go of my old Polly Pockets from the 90s even if they're older than some of my sisters. 😂 We didn't have a lot of Polly Pocket toys way back since they were expensive and my parents were prudent about saving. Our humble stash were mainly gifts from doting cousins who had salary and found us cute. LOL

Just last week while shopping at SM North's sale, M and I spotted tiny toys that would not skip my radar. Shopkins has released tiny lockets that look and feel like Polly Pocket lockets! WOW! I had a hard time picking just one because they're all so cute. In the end, M got me this cute pink one, and I also bought another design (Swirls Froyo Bar) as "backup" in case my niece catches me playing and wants one, too. 😝

Thought: Thank God for nieces because I not-so-secretly enjoy going to toy stores just to look around. Whenever the sales people ask me how old the kid is so they could recommend toys... sometimes I say it's for ME!!! 😀
How cute is this?! 😍😍😍
Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Locket in Picnic Dreams

Each set contains the following:
  • 1 Secret Locket
  • 1 Tiny Shoppie
  • 1 Tiny Shopkin
  • 1 Thread
  • 1 Collector's Guide

I don't think the thread is adjustable, but my head can fit in it and it actually reaches my neck. Not that I'm going to wear it when I'm out... I might just do that at home. LOL

As for the collector's guide, I'll be sharing photos below!

My Tiny Shoppie is Valentina Hearts. What a sweetie! This set is all pink and look at her hair from the back. It's braided into hearts. This one's actually a super cute gift to give this Valentine's Day. I think adults (or 90s kids) like me appreciates this more than little kids because of Polly Pockets! 😍

I don't really collect Shopkins toys but I do find them cute. I was so tempted to get the Shopkins Happy Meal toys from McDonald's, but I'm afraid to just add clutter to our already chaotic house. But these Secret Lockets are another story. I could collect all 9 designs! And Shopkins has a really nice selling strategy. Each locket comes with a Tiny Shopkin. And there are 3 Tiny Shopkin designs per locket. For example, Valentina Hearts could come either with Chocolate Boxy, Ring Box Rena, and Rosey Bouquet at random. I'm okay with either, but I think I got the best one! 💍 (I told M this ring does not count. Haha)

There's a tiny world inside! The curtains are movable, and the round disk where Valentina Hearts is standing can be turned.

Collector's Guide:

Swirls Froyo Bar, Picnic Dreams, and Rock Pool Swim School are part of the Wave 2 release.

And to answer the curious question in your mind, can the Tiny Shoppie stand inside your vintage Polly Pocket sets?

No. 💔 They won't fit the round slots on the Polly Pockets, but they can balance themselves and you can make the Tiny Shoppie sit, too. That's good enough for me.
Someone's turning 30 but still playing. Who could she be?

Price: P299.75
Bought from SM Department Store but also available in Toy Kingdom and Shopee

I love this toy so much. Thank you, M! 😃


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