Thursday, July 13, 2017

Say ¡Hola! to CBTL's Mexican Chocolate!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) usually hosts an Open House when they launch new drinks, and that means free drinks for everyone! They had one last Sunday for their newest drinks - Mexican Chocolate! I wasn't able to make it though, but yesterday morning I dropped by CBTL in UP Technohub (just outside my workplace) for my coffee fix! 😍

Just when you think that you’ve tasted everything there is in chocolate, CBTL gives you something beyond the familiar comforting goodness that you’ve always loved from the classic treat. 🍫

Starting July 9, say ¡Hola!” to a whole new chocolate experience as CBTL pours you the sweet side of Mexico with a new selection of Mexican Chocolate beverages.

I find the concept of Mexican Chocolate utterly decadent. Chocolates with a hint of spice? (Yes, please!) It has hints of cinnamon that's expertly handcrafted to a slightly granular finish, giving the drinks a very interesting texture. I had mine Ice Blended. It's cool and sweet yet it has a slightly warm and spicy aftertaste. (Just the right amount of kick!) It will tickle and tease your taste buds. Hihi! πŸ˜‹ This reveals a whole new dimension of chocolate beverages, straight from the part of the world where chocolate was first discovered and celebrated.

Experience a familiar warmth in the rich goodness of CBTL's Mexican Hot Chocolate (Small, P150; Regular, P165; Large P180), or enjoy it with premium espresso as Mexican Chocolate Latte (Small, P150; Regular, P165; Large P180). But for a true fiesta of flavors and textures, have it prepared in the way it was first created by the brand - as a Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended beverage (Regular, P165; Large, P180). Indicated prices may vary in airport locations.

These new drinks will be officially available at all CBTL stores nationwide starting July 10, 2017. This flavor is limited edition, so catch it while you can! πŸ˜‰

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