Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day at Sip & Gogh

Every Valentine's Day used to be boring for me. I'd usually head straight home and be a hermit, avoiding all the traffic, chaos, and overpriced menus for that particular day. I've always convinced myself that I'm not the romantic type, that I was a chill girl. But then, I also liked chocolates and flowers. At the end of the day, I'm still a girly girl. My Panda knew, and between us, I think he's the sweeter one.

We both like Japanese food and have a shared love for sushi, especially salmon sashimi! Omakase in Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato is our default go-to place because they can do no wrong. The mainstay in our every order is always Dynamite Roll! We went here again for our pre-Valentine's day date.

Last Sunday, our choir was scheduled to sing 愛喜樂生命, and before the song offering, my Panda surprised me with flowers, pralines, and a love letter. :> We had a quick lunch at Happy Lulu with my family, and headed straight to Sip & Gogh Ayala Heights for our date.

I was surprised to find out that Sip & Gogh Ayala Heights is just located so close to my office in Commonwealth, and just about 30 minutes away from my place.

House rules are pretty simple and fun: (1) Paint, (2) Sip, and (3) Laugh!

We went during an Open Session, which meant we could pick any painting from their wall to recreate!

Sip & Gogh makes use of acrylic paint. This type of paint can be thinned with just water. It has no scent, and it dries quickly.

Getting ready!

Since we both dream of going to Japan in the future, we were both inspired to paint sakura scenery. These were the masterpieces we were going to copy! Each session comes with a complimentary first drink of your choice (wine, fruit juice, or soda) and snack like this cheese platter.

I was actually wondering how I could accomplish such a nice painting, since all I can draw are stick people. The last time I painted was when I was in Grade 2, where I painted an "under the sea" scene on pad paper using watercolor. As for my Panda, I had no doubts about his artistic skills, even if he told me this was his first time to do a legit painting on canvas. The artists/staff at Sip & Gogh were very supportive and they won't judge. For starters, they'd draw 2 basic lines like these, and they'll tell you from there which part to shade with which color, and the types of strokes to make. With this experience, I learned that you can make a decent painting with just 3 brushes!

I won't bore you with the steps, you have to experience it for yourself. Painting is very therapeutic and FUN!

Linx '16

Helen '16

I had the bench modified into a couple holding hands. That's us in Japan! :D

And here are our mandatory mugshots! Very happy with the outcome of our artworks. :D

This date was different and it's my favorite to date. (Thank you, Panda!) Why watch a movie when you can paint?

Panda! ❤

We'll be back for sure! Next time, we want to try Paint Your Date or Date 2 Create! :D Visit and Like Sip & Gogh Ayala Heights on Facebook for more information.


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  1. Great date idea! I don't believe you can only draw stick people by looking at your painting. I want to try creating a masterpiece too. lol! Sweet couple. <3

    Miss Princess Diaries

    1. But really, I can't draw. I told my friend that too, and he said why is it when people go to Sip & Gogh they always end up with masterpieces. You have to give it a try, even just once! :D

  2. Wow, your painting is so beautiful! Galing naman! Really want to go there too. Sana soon! :)

    1. Aww thank you! :> Do go soonest! You will enjoy the experience, Ging! :D


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