Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cafe Kumori at SM The Block

My sister once raved about a cheesecake she bought from SM Makati. She couldn't remember the name, but when we passed by The Block last month, she got all excited by the restaurant that was under construction then, which was Cafe Kumori! :D Kumori has stalls in SM and Landmark Makati, and here in SM North EDSA, they opened a cafe last January 31! I couldn't be happier with this, since it's so near our place! I dropped by yesterday, and for a Tuesday, there were a lot of people in the store.

I wanted to take photos of the store to show my Dad, since he's a huge fan of bread and he loves hoarding them at Breaktalk and Tous les Jours. Competition is on! :D After he saw these photos, he became sad because he was at SM North last Sunday, and wasn't able to pass by the area. I asked him which bread he liked so I could buy some for him today, and he said "ALL". :o

Self-service for the bread station. So fun! :3 The breads and pastries all look so fresh and soft. I was surprised with the prices too, I didn't expect them to be affordable. Happy problem here. Haha :D

Blueberry Brioche (P51)
Kadawari Cream Bun (P37)
Croissant (P49) & Pan O Chocolate (P55)
Choco Bo (P30)
Fuwa-Fuwa Chocolate (P48)
Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun (P48)
Apple Bun (P45)
Salmon Bonito (P55)
Crabstick Bun (P58)
Cheesy Ham & Mushroom Bun (P49)
Cheesy Sausage Bun (P47)
Caramel Crunch (P750, whole; P115, mini)
Apple Crumble (P99)
Hanjuku Cheese (P240, 5 pieces; P48, 1 piece)
Krone (P49)
Salted Cheesecake Yakigashi (P85) & Marshmallow Choco Yakigashi (P82)

I honestly wanted to try almost everything in store! On my list are the Kadawari Cream Bun, Fuwa-Fuwa Chocolate, Apple Bun (so cute!), Salmon Bonito, and Crabstick Bun. And the cakes and drinks, too! But on my first visit, I got these cutie little cakes first for my Panda. I initially wanted to get these on Saturday, but I figured that stocks will run out once Valentine's Day comes, so I bought them ASAP. Haha! I will be back today for the breads! Wait for me... :D

Note: I was able to try the Hanjuku Cheese! It was really a #biteintoclouds experience. The small piece is worth it since it literally melts in your mouth. 

Cafe Kumori just gave me an excuse to drop by SM The Block more frequently after work! Like Kumori Philippines on Facebook for more information.


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  1. Prices are not bad at all. I think I may have passed by the one in SM Makati, but I didn't get to try it then. Is it the one near the fastfood/grocery? The apple buns are so cute!

    1. Yes, exactly that one! But I enjoy the Kumori at The Block better for its ambiance. :)


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