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AcneCare Skincare Regimen + GIVEAWAY

Growing up, I experienced acne myself. It was during my puberty years when my skin acted up, and  it went on until college. My skin has relatively cleared up since then, but I still do get adult acne around my U-zone once in a while. (Ugh. Signs of aging.) I remember an old classmate and I met one time while I was wandering around the beauty aisles inside the mall. She asked me how I made my pimples disappear, because she remembers that I had a lot during my college days. LOL. I'm fortunate that I get to try a lot of products, and I am glad that now there are a lot of options on how we could treat acne, without needing to resort to painful pricking and injections.

AcneCare sent me 2 sets of their expanded skincare range - one to try and experience for myself, and another one for my dear reader! :D (Yes, you can win a loot worth almost P3,000, just in time for Christmas.)

Let's get to know AcneCare's new products!

AcneCare Soap (P149 for 135 grams)

The first step to clearer skin is always clean skin - free from dirt and excess oils that can clog the pores. AcneCare Soap has an innovative and revolutionary mix of potent acne busters while still being skin-friendly. It contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil, Bio Sulfur, and Ace-B3 which stands for Aloe vera extract (to moisturize and protect), Vitamin C (to prevent photodamage caused by UV rays), Vitamin E (to fight against free radicals), and Vitamin B3 (or niacinamide to clarify and lighten the skin).

This soap helps dry out pimples faster compared to the usual facial wash I use. I also use it to treat bacne, and it works. It has the tendency to leave my face feeling tight though, so I always follow with an oil-free moisturizer.
AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion (P299)

At last! I've been searching for a more affordable alternative to the famed Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, and here it is! AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion is a mix of sulfur, salicylic acid, and witch hazel extract. My skin cooperated with me because a small zit literally popped its ugly head when I got this in the mail. This one's easy to use. I just dip a clean cotton bud into the bottle to get a small amount of product,and just dab it on my pimple. I felt a slight stinging sensation (similar to when I use an alcohol-based toner on the zit I just picked on), but it goes away in seconds. The solution dries to a pinkish "crust", so it's advisable to use this product only at night or when you're at home during the day, or else you'll be spotted with pink spots on your face. When I woke up, my pimple didn't exactly disappear like magic, but it did become smaller. It took 2-3 days for the small pimple to completely dry up, which is workable for me. It's worth trying if you're looking for an alternative to benzoyl peroxide.

Remember: Don't' shake it! The pink sediments need to be compact at the base of the bottle for the formula to work. Also, this type of formula works better on pimples with visible pus, compared to the painful ones you can feel underneath your skin.
AcneCare Lactoferrin (P885 for 30 capsules)

For those who aren't iffy about taking supplements, this one's AcneCare's original (and most popular) product. AcneCare Lactoferrin takes care of the skin from within, where topical products can't reach. Just take 2 capsules before bedtime. Each bottle is good for 2 weeks, and there is no side effect.

Now, it's giveaway time! This gift pack is a collaboration between AcneCare and Snow, both brands from Vida Nutriscience, Inc. - so you'd get perfect skin just in time for this years festivities and beyond.

The Prize:

  • 2 AcneCare Soaps
  • 1 AcneCare Lactoferrin (30 capsules)
  • 1 AcneCare Drying Lotion
  • 1 Snow Skin Whitening Lotion

Just follow the easy instructions on the Rafflecopter widget. All steps are mandatory. Contest will run from December 13-20, 2015, and 1 winner will be picked randomly. I will ship the prize to the winner. :) Should the winner not respond within 10 days, the prize will be forfeited.

God bless you! Advance Merry Christmas, dear readers! :D

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  1. I always make sure to clean my face before going to bed, using sunblock during the day,eat healthy and keep myself hydrated all the time.
    Janice Que


  2. Shower with lukewarm water(not hot water) to keep your skin from getting dry.Try to shower not longer than 10 minutes (sorry for those who love to shower for more than 10 minutes) but lingering too long inside the shower will strip off your body's natural oils.  That's a no-no especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. Pat dry, never rub!  Okay, don't we just love rubbing our body with a huge towel after every shower?  Well, lesson learned, pat is the key if you want to keep your skin hydrated.Moisturize!  Moisturize every single time after shower.  I didn't photograph any lotions, moisturizers or oils because I do that outside my bathroom!  I usually go for non-greasy body oil at night before I go to sleep as it is more hydrating than regular lotion.
    ***Those are my simple (hopefully, non-stressful) tips on how I take care of my skin.

  3. by washing my face everyday!
    joshua paul perry

  4. I take care my skin by choosing the right skincare products for me.Drinking lots of water,eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep/rest is also the best factors to take care of my skin.
    Almaira Casanguan/@maicasanguan

  5. I take care of my skin by removing my makeup, washing my face with a salicylic-acid containing facial wash, moisturizing with a water-based moisturizer, and putting on anti-acne cream on acne-prone areas. I also drink a lot of water and put on sunscreen when I go out during the day.

    Aviva Domasian
    IG: ichivivi20

  6. I take good care of my skin by taking the right amount of water, proper nutrition, physical exercise, not exposing myself to the direct heat of the sun especially beyond early morning, avoiding polluted air, enough rest, and most of all.. introducing myself to Snow Caps and AcneCare. Because I believe that Snow Caps is the way to experience such beautiful glow of whiter skin while AcneCare will maintain my pimples-no more face. :)

    Jabe Meslen L. Dela Peña
    IG: jambldp

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I take care of my skin by washing my face of sulfur soap. And then I use a cleanser and a moisturizing soap. Sometimes my sister give me a acne scar gel. This is actually my daily routine and now I am using an Acne Care Soap where we bought it couple of hours ago.

    Jobelle Reyes

  9. Protect your skin from the sun. It may seem like a tan masks acne, but it's only temporary. A tan may worsen your acne, not improve it. Tanning also causes damage to skin that will eventually lead to wrinkles and increase your risk of skin cancer. Wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, even if it's cloudy or you don't plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. If you sweat a lot or go swimming, reapply sunscreen every 1½ to 2 hours.

    Jonalyn Falculan

  10. I take care of my skin by using a moisturizer and also by not exposing it with too much make up. I also go to a derma center to do a monthly check up.

    Maria Jessica Apalin

  11. I wash my face everyday with a facial wash. I use face powder when I go out. Not enough, I know, but when I use more products on my skin, it breaks out.
    Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    IG: @TereCruzEscaros

  12. Cleanse my face,the first and the foremost rule to keep my skin glowing is to cleanse my face regularly,..And i use moisturizer because for me It is important to moisturize the skin every day. Also,i use a moisturizing mask weekly once.
    Ann Cagalingan

  13. I use products that my skin is compatible with. I drink a lot of water so my face gets hydrated. When I use make-up, I see to it that I clean it off with cleansing wipes and I wash my face properly. I apply sunblock to protect my skin. I eat vegetables and fruits. And as much I possible, I try my best to sleep long.

    Paula Romana Alagao

  14. I usually like to remove the dirt from my face first by using a facial deep cleanser and then washing it with a kojic soap because my skin is way too oily and I feel like this soap lessens it. Also, I gently rub my face with a slice of lemon every other day because i feel like it lessens the oiliness too- which is what I think the major cause of my acne.

    Joyce Ann V. Cañete; @jacbtw on instagram

  15. I usually like to remove the dirt from my face first by using a facial deep cleanser and then washing it with a kojic soap because my skin is way too oily and I feel like this soap lessens it. Also, I gently rub my face with a slice of lemon every other day because i feel like it lessens the oiliness too- which is what I think the major cause of my acne.

    Joyce Ann V. Cañete; @jacbtw on instagram

  16. i take care of my skin by using sunscreen on my face. this will help to reduce damage and being directly to the sun makes your face dull.
    jennifer bautista

  17. i take care of my skin by using whats best for me. a mild soap can make my face smmooth and clear. putting lotions to help your skin not to dry.

  18. i take care of my skin by sleeping early so i can be relax all day. before i go to bed i always make sure to clean my face to prevent oiliness and pimples
    Marlyn Cancino

  19. i dont put anything on myface as long as i dont see any problem on it. In my skin I always want the product that keeps me young looking and more beautiful. I drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eat fruits and vegetables. :)
    Kyla loria

  20. I protect my skin from the sun causing age spots, wrinkles and to prevent other skin problems.

    edgar lositano

  21. Problema ko din talaga ang acne high school palang ako, naging mahiyain din ako dahil dun.. Ngayon alaga talaga ako sa skin ko, I wash my face pagkagising at bago matulog,yan ang hindi ko kinakalimutan, at syempre hanggat maaari matulog ng maaga para hindi puyat, iwas din sa unhealthy foods..

    Harvy A. Cutara
    IG: hcutara

  22. Hi! may i ask, where can i buy the acnecare line? Thank you!!

    1. AcneCare is available at all Mercury Drug stores nationwide.


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