Monday, October 5, 2015

pH Care Naturals: Natural Care Down There

People go crazy over natural products nowadays - from eating clean (like organic food) to using natural beauty products. And why not? Sometimes, it always nice to go back to basic and let nature's best kept secrets work wonders for our bodies.

I received this lovely personalized wooden box in the mail a week ago, and it contained pH Care's newest Naturals range of products. I'm excited since this means I won't have to repurchase feminine wash anytime soon (even until next year!), as I'm currently halfway through with my pH Care Priva Lightening Intimate Wash (which I bought months ago because it came with a free Vzone Bikini Trimmer).

I'm thrilled that the classic feminine wash has taken the natural route in providing intimate care for our everyday needs. I'm not saying that these products are 100% natural, but they do contain natural papaya and guava leaf extracts, both which are proven to have skin benefits. (And this for me is way better than using the actual papaya fruit and/or guava leaf down there because that would be...strange and messy.)

Most Filipinas love skin whitening products, and papaya soap sells like hotcakes when you check the supermarket shelves. pH Care Naturals Papaya is a more gentle way to safely whiten your intimate area in as early as 14 days!

pH Care Naturals Papaya has a sweet fruity scent. My little secret is that I've been using whitening feminine wash for almost 2 years now. I've finished 3 bottles from another brand, then shifted to pH Care Priva, then now to pH Care Naturals Papaya. Of course I won't be sharing with you any before and after photos, but with consistent use, you will definitely see improvement. (Dark singit, begone!)

For ladies who aren't into whitening, and those who don't need it (lucky you!), you may still want to use a feminine wash made with natural ingredients to keep you fresh and clean all day. Weather here in the Philippines is mostly hot and humid, and all that sweat leads to discomfort and maybe even odor and infection - and we don't want that for our intimate area! Enter pH Care Naturals Guava!

I love how this variant has guava leaf extract which delivers both cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. pH Care Naturals Guava has a refreshing clean scent, and it effectively and naturally deodorizes the intimate area, making you feel confident in any situation, outfit, activity, or even weather!

Now I'm assured of natural care down there, since there's pH Care Naturals Papaya for gentle everyday whitening, and pH Care Naturals Guava for red days. That's just my personal preference, but both variants are pH balanced, clinically-tested by OB-Gynecologists and proven mild and safe for everyday use.

  • P49.50 for 50ml
  • P104 for 150ml
Available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores nationwide

Dear readers, I know you are naturals at being amazing. Treat your body right, and go natural today. :)
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