Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sample Room Haul

This one's probably my 8th Sample Room haul, which I name the "Things I Need" Haul. Haha! I received these items last Friday. Can't wait to use them! :D

"Things I Need" Haul

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hairfall Shampoo & Conditioner

I've featured almost all of Palmolive's hair care variants before, and the Anti-Hairfall is their newest release. This is the very reason I made this haul, since I'm having a bad amount of hair fall recently. I can't use shampoos with sulfate in it since they make my waves flat (and this one has it), but for the sake of testing its anti-hairfall powers, I'll use it! I'm more excited with the conditioner though, since it's something I use almost everyday. Did I mention, this duo smells really good!

C-Lium Fibre (Husk)

When I went to MAFBEX earlier this month, I was able to sample a drink mixed with Psyllium Fiber (from another Chinese brand). I was so amazed when the seller dropped oil into the glass that contained the fiber - it instantly "collected" all the oil, meaning it won't be absorbed by the body, and would just pass through our intestine. I didn't purchase the entire jar on the spot, since it costs around P800. Then I saw C-Lium Fibre in Sample Room, which is another thing I needed since I'm trying to eat healthier recently. I don't want to lose weight. I just don't want my body to absorb any more nasty stuff, so help me, C-Lium.

C-Lium Fibre is also available in capsule form, but I think you have to take 5 capsules in 1 go, so no thanks! I'd rather go with 1 sachet.

Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray

I have big bottles of alcohol at home and at work, but no tiny one to bring with me everywhere. My colleague raved that this one from Hygienix smells nice, so I got it. Perfect timing, Sample Room! This one completes my "Things I Need" Haul.

I was able to get all these with 115 Sample Room points, and I just paid P130 for shipping (not the usual P100, since the package was heavier). These items would've costed me a total of almost P300 if I bought them from the supermarket. Happy! :D

Visit, grab your samples, so you can try before you buy! Like Sample Room on Facebook too, so you can get updated on new stocks!



  1. I'm really curious about the hairfall duo since I'm having hairfall problems as well. My mom also tried C-Lium once, like the ones in the sachet. The only problem was it gets goopy when you don't drink it immediately and she hated it so I got her the capsules. According to her, she just needed to take two capsules a day to get a good result :) Maybe the 5 capsules is just a suggestion. :)

    1. I can't see the effect from the shampoo/conditioner duo. Parang normal lang. I love C-lium though! :D Thanks for letting me know about the capsules thing. Get ka ng samples for your mom para sulit. :)

  2. I got this haul from Sample Room too but I haven't tried any of it yet. I think I need to use it soon because hair fall is one of my problems. :)

    1. Fellow Sample Roomie! Hope it works for you! :)


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