Monday, July 7, 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

I'm no longer a moisturizer-phobe ever since I tried one that came in a gel form. It was heaven-sent for my oily skin!

When it comes to The Body Shop skincare products, I would usually go for their Seaweed or Tea Tree range, made for combination and oily/acne prone skin, respectively. Even though the Vitamin E range is marketed for all skin types, I still have the impression that it would only work for dry skin due to its creamy, hydrating texture.

Enter the newest addition to the Vitamin E skincare range: Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. Not cream, not gel, but sorbet! I start imagining things like ice cream on my skin, so it's a go. No hesitations.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet
24-hour moisture quench. Aqua light texture

What's unique about the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet is that each pot contains over 2 MILLION Aqua Spheres (a.k.a. microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and hold hundreds of times their weight in pure water) that deliver a 24-hour feed of moisturisation to your skin.


This product contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil, and Soybean Oil to hydrate, and Menthol to cool the skin.

The negative part of it is dimethicone as its third ingredient, which means it has high silicone content. This ingredient is used in most makeup primers/bases for a velvety-smooth feel, but for some this could cause issues such as pore-clogging, especially for sensitive skin.

The transparent frosted-glass jar adds to the appeal of the sorbet theme. It's simple but it looks pretty on my dresser. Plus, the product inside is pink!

I can't find the right word to describe the texture of this moisturizer. It's definitely not cream, not gel, and not the hybrid gel-cream. It's sorbet! :D The scent reminds me of The Body Shop's Moringa fragrance, only more mild and subtle. This feels really light, cool, and refreshing, even if I leave it in room temperature. (But you can always pop this in the fridge for an extra burst of freshness.) I can actually feel the aqua spheres sinking into my skin as I massage it on my face. My skin is moisturized yet mattified at the same time. This one can make for a nice makeup base; the only thing it lacks is SPF.

When worn:

Brace yourselves for my makeup-free shots. Eyebrow powder doesn't count as makeup anymore, as it's an extension of myself. Haha!

Photos aren't edited. Here, my skin looks plump, healthy, fresh, and hydrated.

7 out of 10 women would swap their day cream for this. I did. Try it out, and maybe you would, too! ;)

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  1. Nacurious ako sa sorbet formula! I wonder how this'd feel on me since I have dry skin and rarely feel comfy with primers... I know it's not advertised as primer but I think it's similar because of the dimethicone?

    1. I think so too! Kaso may mas primer pa dito, TBS Instablur! :D

  2. Great review as always Ms. Helen. Is it budget-friendly? I want to try it too since I have very oily skin.

    1. It's budget friendly if (1) hiyang siya talaga sa skin mo and (2) if it has a discount, kahit konti lang. Haha :)


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