Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Leaders Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato

Summer's through (even if it doesn't feel much like it). If you've spent a good amount of time under the sun, it's time to pamper and nourish it back to health.

I've shared with you about quick skin care boosts last time, and now here's a review on their unique Coconut Bio Mask Line. Each bio-cellulose mask is made from fermented coconut juice which locks in moisture and delivers nutrients into the skin. Bio-cellulose/jelly masks are usually pricey in other Korean brands, and so far, it's this one from Leaders that's priced reasonably but work extremely well! I've tried 2 variants from this range, and now here's a review on the Tomato variant.

Leaders Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato (P148)
We all know that Tomato is abundant in vitamins, minerals and Lycopene. Imagine what a Tomato-infused mask can do for your skin! The Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. It also restores skin elasticity.

  • It's unique bio-cellulose texture feels cooling on the skin once you put in on, even when you leave it in room temperature. So refreshing! (Tip: Put in in the fridge first for an even more cooling treat!)
  • It's a bit slippery at first (when you're used to mask sheets), but the mask is durable and has a nice fit.
  • It contains 30ml worth of essence, which is a LOT! It's more than enough for the face, so the leftovers you can use on your body, too.
  • The mask dries up in 25-30 minutes, which means the essence is really absorbed into the skin.
  • Upon removal of the mask, my pores looked visibly smaller.
  • Skin looked and felt smoother.
  • Redness and flakiness are gone.
  • Skin looked more even.
  • It contains minimal fragrance (listed last on the ingredients list), but it smells almost unscented to me.
  • Price is very reasonable for its quality.

  • None

Would I repurchase?
  • YES! It's also good to give as gifts to friends.

  • P148

  • Leaders Festival Mall (2/F)
  • Beauty MNL
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall

Fun face mask day! :3

Here are the other variants for the Coconut Bio Mask range:

Coconut Bio Mask with Blueberry (P148)
If your skin needs a break, then this is the perfect mask for you. The Coconut Bio Mask with Blueberry contains Anthocyanin and vitamins which deeply hydrate and repair the skin. Don’t forget to bring this mask on your weekend getaway!

Coconut Bio Mask with Broccoli (P148)
Broccoli is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and keeps your skin healthy. Try this mask on for a complete skin pamper session.

Coconut Bio Mask with Orange (P148)
Brighten and cool sun-damaged skin with a Coconut Bio Mask with Orange! It contains orange extract which is packed with vitamins and Aplha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). These key ingredients promote clear and smooth skin.

For more information, Like Leaders Philippines on Facebook and follow @LeadersPH on Twitter.

Have you tried these best-selling masks from Leaders? These ones are a new fave of mine! I don't mind spending a bit more since this mask is legit, and probably one of the best I've tried! :D



  1. the "sheet" is unique, it seems to cling tightly to the skin

    1. It's initially slippery since it feels a lot like jelly, but it does have a better, tighter fit on the skin compared to regular sheet masks.

  2. I want to try, pero sa dami ng mask ng meron ako I can afford to skip on this muna :))


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