Monday, September 22, 2014

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit SPF 30/PA++ in Natural Beige W13

Who wouldn't want to look blooming every single day? ;)

If you're a fan of bases with a dewy finish, then you'll be thrilled with Etude House's newest BB cream:

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit SPF 30/PA++

It comes in 3 shades:
  • Light Beige NO2
  • Natural Beige W13
  • Honey Beige W24

The one I have is the middle shade (Natural Beige W13), which is close match with my skin tone.


This BB cream has a "slim layer fit formula" that smoothly glides onto skin even when you apply several layers, helping to express clean, bright, and smooth skin with its mother of pearl.

The formula is silky and what's nice about it is that it does not easily transfer. It also contains bamboo sap that supplies water to the skin, giving it a moist finish.

This BB cream is best stored in an upside down position, like this. Shake 2-3 times before use so the BB cream will be easier to dispense.

As usual, the packaging is lovely. This one's the prettiest BB cream in my stash right now.

Manufacturing date is indicated on the crimp of the tube.

Brightening OK!
Darkening Zero!

The tube is quite huge containing 60g of product. That's double the amount comparing to other BB creams out there. (Talk about value for money!)

Aside from the packaging being pretty, it's also very convenient and hygienic because of the pump dispenser. No spills, no mess, and no germs!


When Worn:

Bare skin

With Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit

Almost all BB creams from Etude House have that distinct fresh and clean fragrance, and this one's no different. This BB cream has a soft and creamy formula that's very easy to blend. It gives me perfect skin the moment I pat it on - goodbye pores, uneven redness, and dark circles.

I remember going through a volumer phase before, wherein I'd mix a volumer with my BB cream everyday so I'd get a more radiant finish sans highlighter. The first time I tried it, my colleague told me that I looked different, with a "brighter aura". That's the power of the volumer, ladies! It made a straight guy use "aura" in a sentence.

Anyway, going back to the BB cream. The formula's texture and finish is reminiscent of a BB cream that has already been mixed with a volumer. It has a slightly more watery feel than the usual BB cream. Though it's marketed for all skin types, I think this one will work best for those with dry to normal skin. (Oh you lucky ones get to wear this alone and look extra fine the entire day!) Those with oily skin (like me) will always have to top this off with powder to not look haggard by midday, since dewy in the morning is shiny in the afternoon.

Wearing Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit alone

See the dewy finish? Definitely no need for a separate highlighter!

I'm liking this BB cream because even if it has a dewy finish and I have oily skin, it doesn't melt off or slide off. (I think the weather has something to do with that too, since it's quite cool and rainy recently.) What I do is that I set with powder once in the morning, then just use an oil-blotting sheet by midday or during the afternoon to make my skin look fresh and to make the makeup last 'til the evening.

Price: P848.00
Available in all Etude House stores nationwide

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  1. which one do you prefer, this blooming fit or any cushion?
    i like your review ^^

    1. Thank you, Gadis! The thing is, I liked this one better in terms of packaging (more hygienic) and blendability. If only I didn't have oily skin, this BB would have been so perfect for me. I broke out with the Any Cushion, so there. :)

  2. Hai u prefer choose this or prefect fit?

    1. Since I have oily skin, I think Perfect Fit would be a better match. I've tried Cotton Fit, and that one has a matte finish. :)

  3. Hi, you did a good review, but is it natural looking, waterproof and luminous?

    1. Natural yes, waterproof not really, luminous VERY! :)

  4. Replies
    1. You can get this in Etude House stores. Baka meron rin sa Althea. :)

  5. if your skin is oily and acne which product is better to cover your skin? (Blooming fit or perfect fit or cotton fit)?

  6. if your skin is oily and acne which product (blooming fit or perfect fit or cotton fit) is better to cover your skin?


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