Monday, September 19, 2011


Last Saturday, I was part of the very fortunate 150 bloggers who were invited to the first ever Blogapalooza event held in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. This event aimed to bring business closer to the bloggers, who are the new social media influencers today. This is my very first blogger event, so I feel so blessed and happy to be part of it.

Lucky Citrine made it! I'm wearing it too. See? :)

The stage where it all happened.

Yummy pasta from Italianni's for lunch. We also had Healthy First juice. I got one in Mango Lychee and it was so good, I wasn't even able to take a picture of it before it was all finished up!

DJ Vince from When In Manila and Mellow 94.7

There were over 30 companies that gave us 5-minute short presentations. They had to be creative to catch our attention, and make us interested with what they had to say.

This is the list of companies that gave us a glimpse of their products, in the order of presentation:
  • Avira Antivirus
  • Lay Bare Waxing Salon
  • 360 Fitness
  • Human Nature
  • Kameraworld
  • Jap-Ok
  • Matabungkay Beach Resort
  • Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
  • TreeHugger
  • Sofitel
  • Easy Pha-max
  • Fashion Art (FArt)
  • LazerXtreme
  • Freestyle Ballers
  • The Boudoir Dolls
  • Tripologie
  • Aqua Best
  • Healthy First
  • Unilever (Lipton)
  • Creativoices
  • SPArkle
  • Size Matters
  • Golden ABC (Regatta, Memo, and Forme)
  • Beyond Beauty
  • Leslie's
  • Oryspa
  • Phiten
  • Polecats Manila
  • Chana
  • Blue Water Day Spa
  • HTC
  • *Aesthetic Science Clinic and Papa John's Pizza weren't able to come, but they left us with freebies so we could experience their products.

Here are some of the companies that caught my interest. Some had creative props and are super interesting, while others have causes which I believe in.

Here's a bright red umbrella. Avira has an umbrella for its logo which stands for protection for our computers.

I love this cute presentation by the ladies from Lay Bare. I have been to their waxing salon before; you can read about it here.

This one is a fresh concept my Kameraworld. Since the market is now saturated with photo booths, why not try this one for a change? It's a photo booth with legs!

The camera is connected to the printer that the cameraman carries on his back, and it instantly prints out the photos!

Jap-Ok claims to provide the most affordable Japanese food. They're stores are open 24 hours and they have a KTV for fun. I can't wait to visit them soon!

It's time to be more friendly and loving to our environment. Treehugger has ballpens, pens, and highlighters made of recycled carton and corn. Together with their presentation, they made us create a pledge for the environment, and with that pledge they will plant a tree in our name. Sweet! I promised to bring an eco-bag always so I would not have to use those environmentally harmful plastic bags anymore. You can too! :)

Here are some samples of wheatgrass drink from Easy Pha-max. It's the first time I've tasted wheatgrass, and I was surprised that it tasted really good! It did not taste like grass. I know that my heath conscious parents would love this drink too, so I will introduce this drink to them.

New chips from Leslie's: Farmer John Premium Potato Chips!

It's the first time I've tasted milk tea like this. Lipton Tea Bags + Milk + Sugar + your choice of add-ons like cinnamon or pearls make for a unique tea experience. The possibiliTEAS are endless! I can't wait to experiment with different recipes at home to find my perfect blend of tea.

LazerXtreme caught all of our attention with their catchy James Bond-like entrance. I have tried playing laser tag with friends and it was a lot of fun! I can't wait to try it again. They also have a laser maze where you'd have to cross the room filled with laser beams, and you have to NOT touch any of the laser beams. I'm so excited! :D

Freestyle Baller's Nathan Flores introduced us to the wonderful world of slap bracelets, watches, and ballers. I was so excited with the watch I got that I have already blogged about it here!

Ladies from The Boudoir Dolls. After their presentation, I realized that I want to have my own boudoir photoshoot as well. They promised classy lingerie shots, none of those men's magazine poses. Sorry boys!

Does size matter?

Oh yes it does! Big burgers like no other. Size Matters provided us with merienda. I loved the Hungarian Sausage Burger so much, I was craving for it again when I got home.

Pole-dancing performance from Polecats Manila. She's so hot! I want to be able to do that too, let alone go up the pole. If I can get up the pole by myself, then I'd be happy already! Haha. (I have the stiffest body in the world!)

I had fun in the event! Thanks to DJ Vince and the When In Manila team for organizing this. I can say, it was a huge success!

Special mention also to my partner for the day, Ria of SugarSmile. Thanks for introducing me to your blogger friends. Ikaw na si Ms. PR. See you on Saturday! :)

I also met fellow bloggers in the event! It was a great experience, and I hope I can attend the next Blogapalooza (this November).



  1. Seems like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing Helen! <3

  2. @Genn: Hope to see you next time! :)

  3. Thank you for mentioning Polecats Manila in your blog post! See you again soon! :)

  4. @Polecats Manila: Looking forward to visiting you soon! :)

  5. Wow! Ms. Helen! That's great! Congratulations!!!

  6. @Jill: Thank you, Jill! Do join next time around! :)

  7. owwww cool! it looks like you have fun! I want to join in as well :D

  8. It was great meeting you, Helen! :)

  9. I was absent that day. Too bad nagkita sana tayo! :)

  10. @Onika: I think there will be another one in November. Please sign up! I want to meet you! Hehe :)

    @Jes: Nice meeting you too. You look very pretty in person! :D

    @Mrs. Kolca: Aww we almost met. Next time! :)

  11. I was right there seated in the next row. Nice to see a lot of bloggers and businesses at Blogapalooza! You and Ria are awesome bloggers with those smiles!

  12. too bad i missed this.. I was in puerto princesa last weekend..

  13. @Nuts: Thank you! I followed your blog! I hope we can attend the next one. :)

    @Krystle: Sayang! But Puerto Princesa is also fun! Will you go to BDJ on Saturday? :)

  14. Oh cool! Freestyle Ballers' Nathan Flores is my classmate! :D

  15. @Anna: Wow! That's so cool! His Slap Watches were a crowd favorite during the event. :)

  16. omg! i want to attend, i wanna go, can you ell me how to join please ? :))

    wild and fierce

  17. @Eji: I think there will be another one on November. Visit this site and sign up: :)

  18. Thank you for mentioning Polecats Manila in your post :)

  19. @Kayleen: Thanks for reading! :)

  20. wow, tripologie is one of the sponsor of this event. I love their store, I can find almost everything that i need for my traveling

    1. I've been to their store once and it's nice. :)

  21. tripologie was of the sponsors. it my favorite shop for travelling

    1. That's nice to know, Herbert. I've been to their store in Eastwood once. :)

    2. @Herbert I agree tripologie is just like a one stop shop for all the people who loves to travel


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