Thursday, September 15, 2011

Contest Time: Skin Cravings

Ever heard of Skin Cravings? It's a line of skincare products inspired by food and its irresistible fragrance. I've seen their ads in magazines and have been wanting to their products since then, since I'm a big fan of yummy and fruity scents (especially the Choc' Mint Kisses Lotion, since I love minty chocolates like Andes!).

Want to get a chance to try out their products for free? Check out their Facebook page, Skin Cravings. They're having the "Fan of the Hour" promo where they will post 3 questions per day, and at the end of the day, 3 winners with the most creative answer will win the complete line of their products. This is ongoing everyday, until the end of the month.

The prizes at stake are the following:
  • Smooth Over Body Lotion: Choc' Mint Kisses
  • Smooth Over Body Lotion: Strawberry Cream
  • Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub: Cranberry Yoghurt
  • Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub: Dewberry Yoghurt
  • Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub: Strawberry Yoghurt

Since I'm an online contest junkie (har har), I decided to join on whim, when I chanced upon a relatively easy question (because most of the questions I find difficult to answer! Haha)

Necklace, earring, or ring? Why?

I feel like this question was meant for me. I seldom accessorize, so I don't wear necklaces much. I can't wear earrings because my ears are not pierced. And I always wear my silver ring which has letters and numbers engraved behind it. :)

Some of my friends ask whether Facebook promos are real/legit, and they are! Just don't join from pages that look dubious. XD

Thanks, Skin Cravings! Watch out for the reviews soon.

Don't forget to Like their Facebook page today and join their promo! Good luck, ladies! :)



  1. Great answer! =))These prods look so yummy. Congratulations!

  2. @Jackie: My dad thought I brought home bottles of milk/juice. :)) Thank you. Do join! :)

  3. cool! :D Congratulation!! I want to join as well!!

  4. @Onika: Good luck, I hope you win this! :)

  5. @Pinay Since Birth: Congrats! :)

  6. thank you for posting, I also won (9/2)but haven't received my loot so I don't an idea yet what it looks like =).

    I am from laguna and it's a good thing they decided to ship the prizes for provincial winners for free!

    congrats!more to visit my site...

  7. wow congratulations hun!!!!!! enjoy your goodies!
    keep in touch!

  8. @Icar: They're generous like that. Sana pati Metro Manila ship narin nila. XD But going there is still worth it. I can't wait for when you receive your loot. :) By the way, I followed your blog!

    @Diane: Thank you sweetie! Do join too! Good luck. :)

  9. i'm excited to receive mine,hehe hopefully they will ship it na!=)

    thank you helen for following, was excited to see a follower! just starting with "blogging" before used blogging only as a personal diary...

    enjoying your posts...god bless!ingat!

  10. @Icar: Keep on posting, I'm always looking forward to reading new stuff. :) For me, I used to blog in Multiply just because it was a requirement for my school org. It's just this year that I decided to create a real blog like this. :D Take care dear! :)


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