Monday, September 5, 2011

Curls In A Bottle

There's this very underrated product that I have to share with you! It's FX Special Effects Curl Booster Scrunching & Curling Spray. (Whew! That was a mouthful!) I got it a few months back on whim while I was window-shopping at Watsons. Now it's getting slight exposure, being featured in Cosmopolitan last month and this month.

About the product:
Curl Booster
Go ahead, scrunch it up! Just spray it on and the vitamins & nutrients in Curl Booster will instantly tighten your limp, lifeless locks, creating lavish curls that bounce and shine all day long!

As seen in the magazines:

And Cosmopolitan September 2011

I have loose and fluffy wavy hair, and this really tightens my waves. This is my secret when I am running late, because after shower, I don't need to comb my hair. I just spray it on, scrunch, and go. Sometimes, people ask me if I got my hair permed (when I use this curl booster). One of my office mates even asked me if my curls was natural (and well, partially it is. Haha!) I feel like this product gives me curls in a bottle. No commitments, since I can just wash it off (compared to having my hair permed). Don't spray on too much though, or else this will weigh your waves, causing it to look flat (as opposed to the desired effect).

TADA! Wavy wavy hair! :)

Would I repurchase?

Price: P299.00 for 6 fl.oz./177ml
Available in Watsons and Beauty by SM (Department Store).

Have you tried this product already? Do let me know how you find it! :D



  1. Sounds like something I would really use! Gotta scour the beauty bar for this. :D

  2. I love the picture. Zooo pretty! :)

    I wish I had wavy hair. Kaso when I attempt to curl it, 5 minutes lang, its back to normal. Sayang ang effort. :P

  3. Wow i am looking for this sis. Ayoko na kasi mag pa rebond. but ok kaya siya for thick long curly hair?

  4. how i wish i had my hair curled instead of rebonded! i have this one and still haven't finished it ^__^

  5. @May: Yey! Hope you will like it too!

    @Ria: Thank you! :) Bagsak din hair ko e pag nag curling iron. Mas effective pa tong spray spray. Haha!

    @Jade: I think so, it doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy/crunchy hard like spray nets and mousse do.

    @Rose: I stopped rebonding years ago but sometimes, I do miss my straightened hair. Now it's always wavy. And yes it would take a long time to finish this bottle. :)

  6. interesting! will check this out. you look really pretty with curls. :3

  7. @Sugar: Thank you! :D They also have a line for straightening with a purple bottle. Haven't tried that though. :)

  8. thanks for sharing.. is it ok to apply this when the hair is still wet or do i need to dry it out first?

  9. @Krystle: I apply this while my hair is still damp (towel-dried), then I let it air-dry. :)

  10. I need this too! I had my hair curled and I need something that would tame my naughty locks. :) Thanks you for sharing. Now, I have to search for this!

  11. Hi Helen! I'm so interested with the product because of your review and the comments here but I can't seem to see the photos. All I see are black photos with exclamation marks. It's okay though, thank you for sharing! It's a steal for P299=)

  12. @Jes: You're welcome! Hope you will love this product too. :)

  13. @Eunice: Yeah, I noticed that too just now. I tried to edit the post. Can you see it now? :)

  14. Thanks for this post, sissie! I can't wait to buy one for myself! I've been dreaming of having a curly hair and I think this product will definitely rock it ;)

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  15. wow, great curls there! :) too bad my hair is straight and i don't think i can handle the curls. :D Hehehe.

  16. Wish I knew this when I had my hair permed five years ago! Sigh :))

  17. @Mar: You're welcome, sis! I hope you'll like it as much as I do! :)

    @Charlene: Thank you! I'm not sure if this will work for pin straight hair since I have wavy hair to begin with, but I think curly/wavy hair will also suit you. :)

    @Kari: It's never too late dear. ;)

  18. @Anna: Do try! Hope you like it too. :D


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