Friday, September 9, 2011

Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Balm

I love lip balms! I first used one 10 years ago, and until now I'm still addicted to them. It's one of my cheap thrills. This one I got with my mini haul, my first Lip Smacker. I got it because it's pink, and it's flavor is cotton candy. I wonder if it would taste as sweet as it sounds.

  • Simple but cute packaging.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Leaves a tinge of sweet taste on the lips.
  • Provides a subtle shine and keeps lips moisturized.

  • It smelled nothing like cotton candy (just the typical sweet lip balm scent, more like strawberry ChapStick).
  • It's waxy.
  • It has no SPF.

I was quite disappointed with the product since I was expecting a sweeter flavor and smell. This one has no tint or any color. I used it twice and I don't like it anymore. However, I think kids will like this, so I'm giving it to my little sister instead.

Would I repurchase? No.
Price: P80.00
Available at Sleepcare (I got mine at Alabang Town Center).

Have you tried Lip Smacker lippies? How was it?



  1. oh, such a cute lip balm... and the color is perfect for me!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  2. I love collecting Lip Smackers when I was in high school especially the frosted ones. They're also great gifts for "tweens". If you're aiming for tint or color, you can try the Color Kiss Duos. My favorite is the Strawberry Duos. :-)

  3. @Julie: Even the packaging itself looks so sweet. I'm already a follower. :)

    @Eunice: I agree, this makes a great gift for little sisters and nieces. I didn't see the Color Kiss Duos where I bought this, but I'll keep that suggestion in mind. Thank you. :)

  4. Sayang naman cute pa man din. Sana parang chopstick din siya.

  5. @Jade: Oo nga e. Mas gusto ko pa yung feel ng ChapStick kesa dito kasi parang "thick" siya sa lips. :P

  6. Hi Helen! Where in ATC did you buy this? :)

  7. @Mica: The store's name where I got this was Sleepcare. They also sell pillows and bath stuff. They also have a branch in Shangri-La, but when I got there just this month, ubos na yung lip balms. :\


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