Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Body Shop Makeover + BDJ Rendezvous + Chicken Charlie + Dezaato Pan

This is the continuation of my post for yesterday. When I found out that my wallet got stolen after I went down the bus, I was thinking if I should go home instead or continue on going to Makati. When I checked my bag, I found out that I still had my ATM cards, MRT card, LRT card, some money, and LYB card + P300.00 beauty cash with me. Well, instead of going home and being sad all day, I decided to continue on with my activities for the day.

My first stop was The Body Shop in Glorietta. I arrived there a little over 12NN, with a bare face, ready for my makeover! I signed up the day before for a free makeover by Via. She represented the Philippines for The Body Shop Make-up Competition for Asia Pacific 2011. She's such a great makeup artist. We were making chika about our lives and makeup, and she told me that while she was a kid, she already did makeup for her neighbors. She discovered her passion at an early age and I admire her for that. For me, she's still the winner in the makeup competition!

For the look she did on me, she used the Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 in 202 Natural Vanilla for a matte finish. (So that was really my shade, since I also used that one in the workshop.) After that, the Lightening Touch pen was used on my dark under-eye circles. She also taught me how to fill in my brows. First she drew on the outer corners of my brows using an eyebrow pencil to mark where the eyebrows would end. Then for the rest of my brows she used eyebrow powder. For eyeshadow, neutral shades of brown were use just to emphasize the crease. Eyeliner pencil and non-waterproof mascara (by request) finished the eye makeup. The blush she used on me was also from the Italian Baked Makeup line I used in the workshop. For the lips, I'm not sure if it was shade 69 from the Colorglide Lipsticks, but it was a bright pink shade (almost fuchsia). I loved the bright lip color!

Thanks for the makeover, Via! ♥

After the makeover, I finally bought the Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel (P395.00). I used the P300.00 Beauty Cash and just added P95.00. I will review it soon so do watch out for it!

I headed to The Ramp, Crossings for the Belle De Jour (BDJ) Rendezvous after having my makeup done. When I got there, the ladies were already having their human bingo sheets signed. I was kind of late, but I tried to ask for people to sign the paper I had, but got lazy. Haha.

There were 4 speakers for the event: Kat Dy (former Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan), Jasmine Mendiola (our host for the day, and a regular host/speaker for BDJ events), Kris Bacani (professional makeup artist), and Donna Cuna-Pita (also a former Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan). They gave us tips on how to break free from our fears and put our game face on with every situation we may encounter.

In every BDJ event, there are raffles and contests. Since my friends and I were at the back row, we did not stand a chance in joining the games because once the hosts announced that she needed volunteers in front, ladies would almost always run to the front. So active right? Also for the raffle, I did not win anything this time. It's really not my day! XD

Khamz, Helen, Ria

This was our merienda! I liked the hotdog covered in bacon. Yummy!

After the BDJ Rendezvous, I went to Banawe to meet my boyfriend for dinner. We ate at Chicken Charlie. It was our first time to try out that restaurant.

The restaurant is so small, and it's always packed. We were lucky to have come earlier, we spotted an empty table for 2.

Chicken Charlie Combo: 2 Drumsticks + 4 Wings (P197.00)

We ordered the Chicken Charlie Combo (2 Drumsticks + 4 Wings) in Soy Garlic sauce. It was so delicious. I never eat chicken skin and chicken wings, but when it is cooked like this, I will eat them all up and eat up your share too. >:) The chicken skin was so crispy, mildly sweet and salty. One thing I did not like about this restuarant was that their serving of plain rice was expensive, P20 for a super duper small scoop of rice (I had to eat 3 to 4 scoops of this), but we had no choice but to order it since we wanted rice with our chicken.

After the meal, we had dessert from Dezaato Pan - 2 slices of Choco Banana Mousse Cake. This is the same cake I got from my birthday last month, only smaller.

Choco Banana Mousse Cake (P80.00)
Layers of chocolate sponge cake, banana, and chocolate mousse topped with thick chocolate ganache, decorated with chocolate rosette and Dezaato Pan's chocolate coin.

This cake was very heavy on the stomach. We could have shared just one slice and be satisfied already. The cake was decorated so pretty, I did not want to wreck it. The cake had a thick chocolate layer on top which was very sweet. Be ready with a tall glass of water when eating this. The chocolate sponge cake was moist and delicious. I could distinctly taste the banana and the chocolate. The layers of mousse added texture to the cake. There were also small slices of real fruit inside. If you're up for a fruity, chocolatey treat, this one is a must try!

Food makes me feel better. Tried and tested! :D How was your weekend? I hope you enjoy the rest of it because it will be Monday again tomorrow. :|



  1. you look gorgeous!! :D and yummy yummy food </3 aww I want one~ haha :)

  2. @Onika: I have an awkward smile there. Haha! Thank you, you look gorgeous yourself. :)


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