Saturday, September 24, 2011

Never Use a Bag Without Zipper

My wallet got stolen earlier today while riding a bus. I never thought that it would happen to me since I'm always careful when commuting. It was before lunch when I was on my way to the Belle De Jour Rendezvous in Glorietta, and I had to ride a bus to get to the North Avenue MRT station. My bus ride was just a short one, it was even less than 5 minutes and things happened so fast. I sat beside a lady who looked harmless. Actually, the people around me looked harmless so I just though that it was another normal bus ride. While I was about to go down the bus, the man in front of me was so weird, he went near the bus door as if to exit, and then went up to the aisle again. I thought "he's so weird, he's blocking my way!" and somehow, nasiksik ako sa may aisle. The men seemed to did not want to give me space to move so I got irritated and hurriedly went off the bus. When I was going up the MRT stairs, I could not find my wallet anymore. I felt so stupid for buying and using a bag without a zipper. Bags without zippers are not made for the Philippines! I also did not feel anyone touching my bag so I did not know that I was already being robbed. I feel so sad. My consolation was that my ATM cards, The Body Shop Love Your Body Card + P300 beauty cash + vouchers (I'm such a fan), and some cash were not in my wallet at that time. I lost the money which I budgeted for the next 2 weeks, plus some membership and discount cards. Good thing I do not have a credit card. Also, good thing my cellphone and camera were not stolen. I try to see that as a positive side to what happened today. I'm sort of thankful that no one pointed a weapon at me to steal my stuff or tried to harm me.

I learned my lesson:
(1) It pays to be paranoid, cynical, and suspicious of the people around you when commuting. Those that look harmless are the ones that will steal from you. Thieves don't dress jejemon and they look normal, so normal that they blend in any crowd.
(2) People will severe needs or those just plain evil and without conscience will take advantage of you. They don't care if you worked hard for your money. They will just take what they can.

I hope someday I won't have to ride crappy buses or any form of mass public transportation anymore. It's so unsafe to commute here in the Philippines. I also hope that those who steal will have severe punishment, like have their hands severed (which serves the purpose perfectly, so they can't steal any more stuff from anyone).

Whenever it's -ber months already, crime rates rise. Maybe the thieves need money to spend in celebrating Christmas season. But how proud can they be with themselves when they serve food and give gifts that came from the money they stole? It's just pathetic.

Always be careful, no matter where you may be. I wish what happened to me won't ever happen to you.



  1. I feel sorry. Same thing happen to me, mine was 1 year cellphone, and I love my phone. :( It stole my phone when I was going home and rode jeep, and when I went down on the jeep, my phone was already gone. Two men sitted beside me and kinda "siksik" me in the corner, and I didn;t felt that my phone was already taken by those guys. :( well, lesson learned, we should be really more alert, especially when something just felt wrong.

  2. Hindi ka naman mukhang nanakawan kanina :)) Poised pa rin. Loveet! :)) Ang ingay natin sa rendezvous. hahaha. Till next time! And be careful na :)

  3. I remember the same experience too, but it was while I'm shopping @ Greenhills. Good thing is i am already finished shopping and the wallet only has some coins but they got my old phone too. :(
    this is really unfortunate, but good thing is that nothing had been done to you physically.
    god is good.
    take care always!

  4. i'm sorry about your wallet. :( but as you said, you're still lucky. i'm uber paranoid and i usually avoid crowded places. i would rather walk than commute too. :/

  5. @Onika: Sorry to hear about your lost phone. Now we know better. It's a lesson learned too. For me, I don't love my phone (it's a 3 year old black and white phone that's just good for texting and calling LOL), and the thieves did not take interest in it too. But still, I would have despised them had they taken it, because it's just wrong to steal stuff. If they severely need money, they could have done other decent means to earn.

    @Ria: Nagpamakeup pa ko e noh para kahit sad, mukhang happy. Haha. See you next time! Sana makapunta ako sa launch. Kung wala akong pasok, I'll think about it. Baka malasin ulit ako! Haha

    @Rose: Basta sa public places, it's always unsafe. Thank God nothing bad or harmful happened to us. Mas nakakatakot yung mga gagamit ng weapon para ithreaten ka e. Take care too!

    @Sugar: It's okay. Me too, I do not like crowded places. Inisip ko nalang, siguro nabadtrip yung magnanakaw kasi walang credit card sa loob. Di siya nakapag fraud shopping. Buti nga. XD

  6. :( that was a sad one...but good thing you're not harmed. Trust your instincts I had a couple of experiences myself that's why now I'm uber paranoid.

  7. Nanakawan na din ako dati though walang laman yung bag ko.. make-up kit ko lang.. and company ID.. but unfortunately, umeffort yung magnanakaw na basagin yung bintana ng koche ko.. therefore, mas mahal pa yung binasag nya sa bag na kinuha nya sakin..

  8. @Ahne: When I got out of the house, I suddenly though of riding a taxi (which does not usually happen), but then my kuripot side got the best of me and I chose to ride a bus instead. I should have listened to my instincts. From now on, I'll always be paraniod. :P You take care too!

    @Jez: Aww, sorry to hear about that. Grabe sila, makanakaw lang gagawin ang lahat. Good thing walang nakuhang valuables sayo. Always be careful.

  9. praning nko dito mare! cannot count how many times I've been a victim of this type of it balisong, 45..etc... traumatized and immune nko!~ be careful always.take care! thanks for the skull band-aid!!!!! i love you!!

  10. @Charles: Scary naman. Pinakatakot ako sa may weapon na holdap e. Ingat ka! You're welcome. :)


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