Friday, January 4, 2013

Snoe Past Present & The Future Bio Marine + Vegetable Eye Wrinkle Serum

This year, I'm taking my skincare routine up a notch by adding eye care products (like creams and serums) into my daily regimen. I'm in my early twenties, and prevention is and will always be better than cure. One skincare product that I have sampled and will share with you today is this eye serum named Past Present & The Future from Snoe.

Snoe Past Present & The Future (P1,399.00/15ml)
Bio Marine + Vegetable Eye Wrinkle Serum

Instant tense-lift protect
Positive long term results

Repetitive facial movement causes expression lines and wrinkles to form. Enter the time space warp and make eye wrinkles a thing of the past! 

This is how the full-sized version looks like. It comes in a glass bottle with medicine-dropper style applicator.

I'm on my second sample vial of this eye serum, and though I haven't tried it long enough to give a full blown review, here are my thoughts on this product.

Eye wrinkles aren't my top eye concern yet (*knocks on wood*), but upon application, I immediately feel a tensing, tightening effect all over my eye area. It's like an instant eye lift, but I wish I could have tested it more on mature skin to see if the results are immediate and super visible. It has a light, liquid (almost water) texture that is instantly absorbed by the skin. Because of its watery texture, it's a nice alternative to those who develop milia after using eye creams, since this one from Snoe has never caused me any bumps or irritations. My eye area looked brighter too after constant use, so I look less haggard and I didn't have to use concealers that much while I was using this one.

The price might seem steep for an eye serum that's locally made, but the effect of Snoe's Past Present & The Future (P1,399.00 or about USD 35.00 per 15ml)  is comparable to Natura Bisse Inhibit-Tensolift which costs USD 715.00 per 60ml! It has the similar tensing, tightening, and lifting effect for the fraction of the price.

I'm still deciding whether I'll be getting a full-sized bottle of this product, since I have another eye cream up for review. For those who have tried out this one, what can you say? :)

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  1. That's my goals this 2013 din.. invest talaga on eye care I don't want wrinkles on my late tweenties :)

    1. Same here! Not getting any younger :P

  2. This seems really nice though the price is a bit pricey but its worth the investment! thanks for sharing=)

  3. Hi dear, how was your experience with the eye serum? Let me know if it works ha, looking for a good but inexpensive product for my undereyes kasi :)

    1. I've only tried 2 small vials more than a year ago. Oh no. Haha. I remember loving it, kaso mahal eh so I didn't buy na muna. :)


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