Thursday, January 10, 2013

Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener

I'll be sharing with you another review I did for Sample Room. This time, it's about Celeteque's eye cream.

Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener has Eyeseryl® Tetrapeptide Complex that effectively counters the formation of loose skin around the eyes by improving skin elasticity and fighting water accumulation, the 2 main drivers of puffiness around the eyes. It also significantly lightens the skin around the eyes for a brighter-free look, in just 4 weeks.
  • Full Size: 15 ml
  • Price: PHP 299
  • Sample Size: 1 pc. 15 ml (full size)

About the Product:


It contains apricot kernel oil and shea butter. We all know how moisturizing shea butter is.

The Packaging:

It comes in a slim and sleek tube packaging. The opening is small, which gives you control on how much product you'd like to dispense and use. Plus points too for the sanitary packaging. I prefer my eye creams in tubes than pots.

The Product:

The texture of this eye cream is light and lotion-like. It spreads easily and is absorbed within minutes of massaging this product onto the skin.

Based on the description of this product, the words brightening, eye tuck, and dark circles lightener were definitely convincing enough for me to try this one out. I'm currently in my early 20s, and this year I aim to take my skincare routine up a notch by adding eye cream to my routine. This one from Celeteque came just in time. I've been using this one for 2 weeks, and what I have noticed is that my eye area feels more moisturized and supple. A moisturized eye area meant good prevention from future wrinkles. This one is said to counter the formation of loose skin around the eyes, which I think is true to its promise. It also helps fight the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, which has helped in de-puffing my eyes when I wake up in the morning. However, as for the brightening effect, I have not yet noticed a significant improvement. I'll continue to use this for a full 4 weeks to see if it delivers on its claims.

This was actually the product that made me sign up at Sample Room. I think I'll be using this up before I buy another eye cream, but I'm still not sure whether I will repurchase this same one. We'll see how I like it in the coming weeks.
My Sample Room Review:


Have you tried Celeteque products? Which one has worked best for you?



  1. I just wish that they added SPF so that I can use it in the morning. :)

    1. Yes, additional SPF is always good. :)

  2. I missed this one at sampleroom! It's one of the first products that went out of stock. I do think I'll buy one instead once I run out of my current eye cream, if they don't restock.

    1. This one convinced me to sign up at Sample Room. :)

      Btw, they've just restocked Ahava products just now!

  3. I'll go check this one out I have a feeling this product + Snoe Beauty's Past, Present & The Future Eye Serum will work wonders for my under eye circles! ^_^



    1. I love Snoe's Past Present & The Future Eye Serum, but it's kinda pricey so I'm using this for the meantime! :D


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