Monday, December 26, 2011

Snoe Glam Jam in Crush

Happy Monday, everyone! This Monday was an unusually peaceful one. No traffic, and the train I rode while going to work did not even fill up. People are still on vacation mode, and so am I. I still can't get over the holiday season - today I am wearing mild smoky eyes for work (Good thing I got the brown palette; it's so versatile!). Tomorrow, red lips, perhaps? Holidays are a great excuse to get all out when it comes to fixing ourselves up.

The review I'll share with you today is something cute and bright! It's Snoe's Glam Jam in Crush. This is actually the only cheek stain in my kikay kit right now. I think cheek stains are so handy this holiday season (and beyond) since they last all day without the need to retouch. This will surely last through all those beso beso with relatives and friends during reunions. (Speaking of beso beso, you might want to check out Snoe's Beso Balm as well.)

Crush: This juicy, orange tint will rev up your complexion. Crush tired skin...Say hello to glow!

Back when I was still studying, I would sometimes buy cheek stains (but I never get to finish them). I just loved the idea of having a multi-purpose product for lazy days. The cheek stains I used to buy were in deep purple tints (which is actually pink when applied and blended) and red (which gives a peachy glow to the skin). At first sight, I was honestly intimidated by this bright orange cheek stain! I was afraid it would look weird on me, but having tried it, I can say I liked it a lot!


Swatch (close up)

What I Love About It:
  • I like the gel texture of this cheek stain. It's not runny (unlike liquid ones) and it does not dry up instantly when it hits your cheeks so you have time to blend it evenly.
  • The pot packaging complements the gel texture quite nicely. It looks cute, and you'll clearly see how much product is left inside. (For some with issues regarding this type of packaging, you can always use a spatula or apply using clean fingers).
  • The bright orange tint left a peachy glow on my cheeks. I think this shade will work for both fair and medium skin.
  • The cheek stain lasted all day on my face, and I have oily skin!
  • The product smells pleasantly fruity - like oranges - without being too artificial.
  • No breakouts!
  • It is vitamin-enriched.
  • Since it's a lip and cheek stain, this all-around product can add a hint of tint on your lips.
  • It is affordable @ P129.00 a pop.

What I Don't Like About It:
  • Nothing.

  • Moisturize your skin first before using any cheek stain so you can blend it with ease.
  • Cheek stains look great on flawless skin, and can enhance any red marks and scars on your cheeks. Since I don't have perfect skin, I moisturize and use liquid foundation before putting on this cheek stain for a more flawless and glowing look.
  • As all cheek stains are, it will stain and leave your finger bright orange - but there's nothing good ol' soap can't handle.

If you're looking for other shades of this cheek stain, then you're in luck! Snoe's Glam Jam comes in 4 delicious shades: Crush (orange), Goddess (bronze), Blush (pink), and Scarlet (red).

Photo Credit: Snoe Beauty Inc.

Snoe is available in Robinsons Galleria, Cinderella (in Glorietta 3), Festival Mall, SM Muntinlupa, and SM Valenzuela.

Which shade of Glam Jam do you like most? :)


PS. To see the swatch of Snoe's Glam Jam in Crush when worn, I made this FOTD.


  1. I actually saw their booth once in Eastwood. I swatched that particular product and smelt it and accidentally got a smidge on my stayed there the whole time and I didn't even notice. Talk about embarrassing! Haha..

  2. @Chriselle: Haha, you're so cute! The Glam Jams smell terrific right?

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your link! You're blog is so nice and girly. :)

  3. What is advisable tint color for morena? Thanks

    1. They have reformulated and repackaged the Glam Jams and now I'm not familiar with the shade range anymore, but my morena friends loved Goddess on them. It might look so brown, but it looked natural on their skin. :)


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