Saturday, December 31, 2011

Juan Time is Pizza Hut Time

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you're as excited as I am for 2012. Before the year ends, I'd like to share with you all Pizza Hut's newest advocacy: "Juan Time". Perfect for ushering in the new year. Curious to know more? Read on!

Hate Late? Hot On The Dot. "Juan Time". Pizza Hut never runs out of creative ideas to promote awareness and spread the love for pizza! Pizza Hut's New Year Pre-Countdown, which was held yesterday outside the Smart Araneta Coliseum, aimed to unite the 7,101 islands of the Philippines in one time. Hence the word play "Juan Time".

This event was momentous and and timely, as we prepare for 2012 to come! Pizza Hut partnered with Discovery Channel and the Department of Science and Technology to share with us the importance of following the Philippine Standard Time to avoid unsynchronized and confusing time. With this campaign, gone will be the days when the notion of "Filipino Time" equals to being fashionably late. Now, it's all about punctuality - and we can all achieve that if were are following Juan Time.

This giant Timex watch showed the exact Philippine Standard Time, which we synched our timepieces to.

Throughout the years, Pizza Hut has helped reverse the negative connotation of Filipino Time and has upgraded it to "Juan Time" which is synonymous to punctuality and productivity. "Juan Time" is Pizza Hut Time. Pizza Hut hates late, and promises us that delivery will always be hot on the dot, with a near perfect score of 99.8% of on time deliveries.

International beauty queens Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup also took part in this celebration by sharing with us the importance of having Juan Time and leading the countdown to the grand fireworks display.

“Pizza Hut is Philippine Standard Time or Juan Time. Dapat iisa lang ang reference natin ng oras para lagi tayong on time. If we all have the same time, there is a better chance for us to be punctual in our commitments.” -Venus Raj

“Time is a resource that is very important but oftentimes overlooked. In order to reach our personal and professional goals in the coming year, we have to be more conscious of our time and to use it productively. One minute wasted is one minute gone forever.” -Shamcey Supsup

With the "Juan Time" advocacy, we hope that this new year, we will all set our minds to always being on time so we could have a better chance of reaching our goals.

To cap the event, a breathtaking display of fireworks lighted up the Araneta Center.

Since we had to leave in a while, my friends and I decided to have a quick dinner at Pizza Hut, of course. We were all craving for pasta.

All pastas served with garlic bread!

Spaghetti Shrimp Garlic & Mushrooms
Spaghetti sauteed with shrimp and mushrooms in garlic-butter sauce.

This is by far, my favorite pasta to date! I love how spaghetti veers away from traditional tomato sauce. The garlic-butter sauce smelled so good. Since I love shrimp, choosing this pasta as my order was a no-brainer. They were also generous with the mushrooms. I will definitely order this again.

Aglio Olio
A generous serving of spaghetti sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, anchovies, and fresh basil that packs a light spicy taste.
Add On: Chicken Strips or Shrimps

I wasn't paying attention to the menu so I did not know it was spicy, but not too spicy - just right! I love how light this pasta tasted. As for the add on, they could have added more or bigger pieces of shrimps though.

Thanks for the grand time, Pizza Hut! What a great way to end the year. :)

Pizza Hut is home to the country’s Pinaka-Pizza, serving awesome food with fast and friendly service. For more awesome dishes, check out Pizza Hut’s website, dial 911-1111 for deliveries in Metro Manila, or like Pizza Hut Philippines on Facebook.



  1. Walang nangyayari. Nangyayari ang wala. Oh ang sarap ng pasta. Da best ka, Pizza Hut! Hahaha!

  2. @Helen's Knight: Bakit gising ka pa ng 3AM? Haha. Ang sarap noh. Hanggang madaling araw nalalasahan ko parin siya. :))

  3. 'Coz 3AM is a very special time for me. :) Yep masarap yung pasta, pero may mas nomnomnom parin dun. ;)

  4. Yummy Pizza Hut! :)~

  5. @BeePee: Yup! Especially the Spaghetti Shrimp Garlic & Mushrooms pasta. :)

  6. I order their pasta more than the pizza! love the aglio olio & pesto :D

    1. Same here. I haven't tried their pesto pasta, but I would love to. Have you tried the Spaghetti Shrimp Garlic & Mushrooms? It's super delicious!


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