Monday, December 19, 2011

Contest Time: Human Nature Baby Care Giveaway

This Christmas, Human Nature wants to share with you their latest Baby Care products!

Check out the mechanics here.

My baby niece, Daphne, is an avid user of the Baby Care line. (Auntie Helen who is a dealer got her the complete line as soon as it was launched!) I love how gentle and mild this range is for her. She gets mosquito bites sometimes, which turn into red bumps because her skin is super sensitive. I let her Mommy use the Baby Oil for Daphne's skin, and the insect bite marks are fading, that I am sure of. Plus the Baby Care range smells so relaxing, I want to use it too! :D

I hope you'll all join this raffle. The giveaway ends on December 22, 2011. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day. Good luck!


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