Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kumain ka na ba ng Boodle?

Oo at masarap siya! My first time dining in Blackbeard's Seafood Island in Greenbelt 3 was a unique experience. For a group of 4, my sister, her friends, and I ordered the Grand Binalot, which was exactly good for 3 to 4 persons. While waiting, we saw how creative they could get when it comes to decorating the Boodle. (Check out their Boodle menu here! Tali Beach is their bestseller.)

Grand Binalot (P675.00, good for 3-4 persons)
Chicken inasal, crispy shrimps, pork tocino, chicken adobo, tortang talong, pinangat na tulingan, tomatoes and salted egg, plain rice and garlic rice topped with tuna flakes

This was served in banana leaves, which we also used as makeshift plates. Although the Grand Binalot could use some more toppings versus rice, the meal was great. I like the traditional Filipino food served. And the banana leaves made me feel like I was eating somewhere in the province on a vacation. :D The only thing I disliked was the crispy shrimp (even if I love shrimp). Why? The shell of the shrimp is cooked together with the shrimp, then coated with breading. Other than that, our experience with Blackbeard's Seafood Island was nice and worth it. Try it sometime and tell me how it went for you!



  1. @Amz: If you love seafood and other Filipino dishes, this one is for you. :)


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