Sunday, April 6, 2014

Haul: My Wacoal Shopping Spree!

I got new undies from Wacoal! Sooo happy! :D

Wacoal hosted the Wacoal Uplifting Stories (essay contest) last January to celebrate its 25 years here in the Philippines. I dropped my entry at their counter in Landmark Trinoma (old school!), but didn't win. Haha! But then, Wacoal was super generous because they also gave away consolation prizes to those who joined, which is a P5,000.00 Wacoal shopping spree! (THAT'S A LOT!) o_o

As for the shopping spree, I had to shoulder anything in excess of P5,000.00, but I don't mind at all! Since my budgeting skills are amazing (such a shameless praise), I only went overboard by P30.00. ;)

Now it's time to reveal my haul!

Wacoal's undies are made for women of different size, shape, or age. The ones I got were from the Stages 0-1 category, which was made with comfort in mind, giving young women the balance of freedom and support.

Wacoal Bandeaus
These provide full coverage of your chest and beautifully complements sheer tops or plunging necklines.

Wacoal Black Bandeau (P1,245.00)

Wacoal Beige Bandeau (P1,245.00)

Since I couldn't decide which one was nicer, I got both! I'm guessing I'll be sporting sheer tops this summer just because it's so freakin' hot, so I'm loving these bandeaus from Wacoal. The fit is very nice as well, as it really clings to my body securely. Now I don't have to wear separate tube tops (to go with my sheer clothes) that may fall off by midday.

Wacoal Beige Boyleg Panty (P425.00)

I already have this in black, but I wanted something that would look invisible on skirts/dresses with lighter colors. Wish granted!

Wacoal Black Sports Bra (P895.00)

I originally wanted the colorful striped sports bra from SORCIage, but this simple black one from Wacoal has the perfect, more secure fit because of its clasp at the back. Now I have a legit bra for exercising. Haha!

You think my haul is all black and beige...basic but boring? Wait 'til you see these! :D

SORCIage Multicolor Bra with Purple Straps and Piping (P795.00)
SORCIage Matching Panty (P425.00)

This has to be the cutest matching set I've seen! ♥ It actually looks like a swimsuit, but it's not. The colors are so fun and pretty, and I love that it's a non-wired bra that provides natural lift and enhanced comfort.


Inside the BDJ 2014 Planner is an awesome discount coupon for SORCIage! You can buy any SORCIage bra for just P495.00, and a panty for just P225.00. I will be using this for sure! :D

Like Philippine Wacoal Corporation and SORCI age by Wacoal for more information, sale alerts, and promos. (BIG thank you to Wacoal for these super awesome consolation prizes!)

So there goes my Wacoal haul! Which item did you like most? :D



  1. Wow... very lucky. Nice sets of undies.. Wacoal is a superb brand. :)

    1. Yup, their products are very durable, too! :)

  2. wow lucky and those matching underwear really looks like swimsuit

    1. oh I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award

    2. Yeah, though I haven't tried wearing it as a swimsuit. I'm shy. Hahaha

      Thank you, Arya! ;)

  3. Lucky girl! super generous naman ng consolation prize nila.. :)

    1. Oo nga eh, definitely didn't expect it but I'm happy. :D

  4. Alam na! =)))))
    Congrats! Sana sunali din ako! hehe

    1. Anong ang nalaman mo? Haha! Oo nga. Next time. :)

  5. nice haul!:))

  6. congrats ms helen =) sabi nga when you give.. you received in doubles minsan higit pa =)


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