Monday, April 7, 2014

Day Trip: Prado Farms at Lubao, Pampanga

Before March ended, my traveling friends and I headed to our second day trip adventure to Prado Farms, located in Lubao, Pampanga. From Quezon City, we arrived to this destination in about 1.5 hours.

Prado Farms at Lubao, Pampanga

Prado Farms is a wide stretch of land, about 5 hectares, and 1 hectare is dedicated to the  farm alone. The place is named as such, since it's located at Brgy. Prado Sionco in Lubao. Everything about this place is photogenic. Even the gates that welcomed us was interesting - it's made up of empty LPG tanks.

We all got a refreshing lemongrass iced tea as welcome drink, and these piggies met us at the registration table.

The entrance part of Prado Farms had a lot of cute artifacts/souvenir items for the home, which are for sale.

After a mini tour, we had breakfast first. Everything served in Prado Farms are organic and fresh.

We ate by this lovely pond, where you could also practice your fishing skills.

Breakfast at Prado Farms

For breakfast, we had bread, keso, longganisa with egg and the brown ground meat (?) which I forgot the name. We also got to try the mini suman and the delicious, piping hot tsokolate, which had a rich taste and gritty texture (similar to chocnut) topped with pinipig (rice crispies).

Here's our first (of the few) complete group picture by the spiral stairs of the blue house.

On the top floor was a blue room, wherein everything (from the walls to the decors) were blue!

Outside the terrace was a nice place to appreciate the beauty of nature.

We also visited the theater room, wherein the interiors were all wooden. It had a stage and 2 working pianos! Too bad I couldn't play a decent piece to save my life. :D

Meet Caloy, the biggest (and probably the healthiest) carabao I've ever seen. Probably, he's being fed organic food as well.

Most of the group got the chance to tour the place via a carabao ride.

They got to witness the poor piglet getting chased by kids.

Hello, Piggie! Soon you'll be a lechon! :3

Prado Farms raise organic black pigs such as this, which are fed with aragula.

The rest of us who weren't able to do the carabao ride got to explore more of the place.

We got to see the yellow house. On the top floor was a library, an attic, and this! :D

I would love to have beds at the terrace this for my own house, too! Perfect for naps.

After exploring, our group proceeded to biking. No, they biked and I struggled. A new friend taught me how for about an hour or so; my mind was willing but the body was weak so I managed to have multiple knee bruises even without falling off the bike. (Just like magic. Haha!) After biking, our group went to an air-conditioned room (for sleeping or siesta?) to rest for a while before lunch was served.

This reminds me of a science lab, I don't know why.

After a few minutes, a healthy organic lunch buffet was served!

Prado Salad

Samosa, Spring Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce

Chili Poppers

Tri Color Rice, Pork Asado, Vegetarian Asado

Chicken Asado, Sauteed Kangkong, Steamed Kangkong

Squash Soup

But this was the star of the day! Our group ordered a special dish. It's not just an ordinary lechon.

It's a Roasted Suckling Pig Stuffed with Duck, very tasty and raised organically.

But very sinful as well! >:)

My healthy lunch


Mint Tea

To cap off our meal, we had dessert. I thought I was already full from all the lechon, but when I saw the cake, I realized that my stomach had room for more. The Sansrival was really good, and the sauce that came with it looked like Mang Tomas Sarsa, but it's actually chocolate. As for the drink, you could either have coffee or tea (in sweet basil, mint, or lemongrass). Naturally, I chose mint tea! It had the signature scent of The Spa, and the taste was mild and refreshing.

I spy a giant teapot! So cute! :D

There's also a simple but beautiful chapel here.

After lunch, my friends took more photos, played table tennis, and eventually went for a swim at the pool. If ever you do swim here, the water does really taste salty since they used salt instead or chlorine. (No, I didn't drink it.)

Trying to be mermaids :D

After the swim, it was almost sunset so we headed back to the tables near the pond (where we had our breakfast) for our afternoon snack.

Afternoon Snack at Prado Farms
Last complete group shot before leaving Prado Farms
Attendance: Yuri, Gilbert, Jat, Gen, Linx, me, Jayca, Gio, Maan, Sid and Tope

Before we left for Manila, some of us received a bouquet (or more like a bundle) of fragrant basil herb as souvenir.

Our visit to Prado Farms was a quick escape from the busy life in Manila. Here, you can unwind, savor delicious organic food, explore, bike, sleep, play basketball and/or table tennis, swim, take lots of pictures (probably my favorite activity), and just appreciate the beauty of nature.

P950.00/person for the hacienda day rate inclusive of meals (min. of 10 people)
P7,500.00 for the Roasted Suckling Pig Stuffed with Duck (good for 10-15 people)

Don't forget to make your reservations before going to the place. For inquiries, you may contact Prado Farms on Facebook.

This trip was brought to you by #TopeTravelandTours.


Photo Credits: Helen Blas and Christopher Chan
Photos from this post may not have watermarks, but you may not use them without permission.


  1. Enchanting place :) Can't wait to eat their organic Lechon stuffed with Duck again! :)

    1. I want! Thanks for planning this trip, #TopeTravelandTours! So proud of you! :)

  2. ang ganda! the photos alone made me feel relaxed already.... I hope I can pay this place a visit in the future.. pag may time. huhuhuhu.

    1. Hopefully you can visit Prado Farms. It's really nice and peaceful here. :)

  3. Such a charming place! A good haven to unwind and bond with good friends :)

  4. Ang fun naman nito! Blogger friends outing? :P

    1. YES PLEASE! :D Kaso tamad ako mag plan. Haha

  5. Hi.. Nice place for photoshoot.. :))
    Do you have contact number?

  6. Hi Helen, may I ask for directions (commute or via car, which one you took) on how to get to Prado Farms, and how you got back to metro manila? Thanks! - Diana dianagrace.eleazarAT gmailDOTcom =)

    1. Hey Diana, I'm sorry I'm not very good with roads. You can waze it though. Hehe

  7. Ang ganda naman jan sa Lubao Pampanga. Pwede siguro mag team building dito. Sana madami ding mga activities gaya ng paghuli ng baboy. Ang sasarap naman ng mga foods. :)

    1. I usually mark comments with links like your as SPAM, but I do agree that Lubao Pampanga, particularly Prado Farms, is a nice place to be.

  8. Perfect documentation!

  9. Hi Helen, when you guys rode the carabao, you said that 'most' of you were able to ride. What was the reason why not all of you were able to ride? Thank you.

    1. The carriage could only accommodate a certain number of people, and we were a big group.


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