Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Body Shop Pre-Holiday Sale

Ready, get set, shop! The Body Shop saves us from the holiday stress by giving us a super delightful treat - an early pre-holiday sale, which started yesterday (September 28 to October 25) in all branches nationwide!

Let's all take a look at the beauty buffet they have prepared for us! Your favorite fragrances, body butters, shower gels, hair care, and makeup products are up for grabs at super discounted prices.

Enjoy a buffet of sale items at Buy 1 at 20% off, Buy 2 at 30% off, Buy 3 at 40% off and Buy 4 at 50% off. So the more items you buy, the bigger the discount you'll get!

Giant bottles of their shower gels in best-selling scents like Strawberry, Satsuma, Moringa, and Olive are on sale at a standard discount of 40% off (even if you just buy 1 bottle). This is the perfect time to stock up!

Hard to find variants of fruity body butters such as Blueberry and Peach (which only pops out during special sales like this), plus tangy ones like Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Lemon are included in the sale! Highly moisturizing Vitamin E and Aloe Body Butters are also available.

And of course, let's not forget the Chocomania range of products, which was released earlier this year (for Valentine's Day). Check out my review of the Chocomania Body Butter here.

The entire Peach range is also on sale, including the Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter, and Body Mist. (This one is different from their Vineyard Peach range.) The Pomegranate Shower Gel and Body Polish smells nice and looks so festive in a deep shade of red!

The Body Shop's fragrances are also on sale! You can now collect the entire range of their Dreams Unlimited, White Musk Libertine, and/or Love Etc... range. Remember: the more you buy, the bigger the discount!

Various makeup products like foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss are also included in the sale.

Remember the Delipcious range of lipsticks and tinted lip balms? They're lippies that are made entirely from 100% food grade ingredients, and are now on sale at 70% off - a little over P200.00 a pop!

The entire Earth Lovers Shower Gel range and the amazing Body Butter Duo are also on sale!

Let's not forget their Rainforest Hair Care range - find your match as they have shampoos, conditioners, and hair butters for normal, dry, oily, and colored hair.

Here are some great skincare finds from their Vitamin E, Nutriganics, Aloe, Vitamin C, and Wise Woman range. Let's not forget the Chamomile Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover as a handy tool to remove stubborn mascara - no tugging required!

Something for the men in our lives - the Maca Root range of products are also on sale.

The ones that started it all - the Originals range! Check out my review of the Banana Conditioner here.

Wake up to a refreshing start with the Satsuma range! I love how zesty and energizing the scent of this range is. The Satsuma Body Polish and Satsuma Body Butter are must tries! If the scent fails to wake you up and make you smile in your morning shower, I don't know what else will.

If you're more of the tangy Pink Grapefruit type, you'll be delighted to know that the Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub and Pink Grapefruit Body Butter are also included in the sale. Grab both to experience fruity bliss!

Posh gift sets from their core fruity range and their fragrance sets are also on sale at 30% off!

Watch out for the weekly weekday specials, too. From Monday to Wednesday, Buy 1 and get the next item at 70% off on these items:
  • Week 1 (October 1-3)- Gifts and Home Fragrance
  • Week 2 (October 8-10)- Makeup and Skincare
  • Week 3 (October 15-17)- Fragrance & Men's Items
  • Week 4 (October 22-24)- Bath & Body Accessories

So much nice stuff to buy! It was so hard to choose which ones to get because I wanted them all! After much deliberation, I ended up getting the Rainforest Radiance Shampoo (P695.00), Conditioner (P695.00), and Detangling Spray (P750.00) for colored hair. Yes, I'm vain with my hair like that!

If these items weren't on sale, all these would have costed P2,140.00, but since I got 3 items, the entire bill was slashed 40% off = P1,284.00! Big savings, indeed!

The Rainforest range of hair care products is free from silicone, sulfates, colorants, and parabens, so they're absolutely gentle both for our hair and for marine life (as the water that goes down the drain when we shower goes to the bodies of water where aquatic creatures thrive). I'm so excited to try these out!

Aside from the Rainforest Radiance range which I picked out from the sale, The Body Shop was also super nice to include these in my loot! I've been using my favorite product from the All-In-One Makeup range - the All-In-One Face Base in 035 for almost 2 months now, and now I have a backup for when it runs out! ♥ The All-In-One Cheek Colour in 05 Bubblegum in a natural pink shade is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. This is the exact shade I would pick out among the 6 available shades. (The sweet people behind The Body Shop really know me well!) Last is the Vineyard Peach Body Lotion - smells like ripe, juicy, succulent peaches - just like the real thing! Thank you so much for these, The Body Shop!

Run to your nearest The Body Shop store to get the first dibs on their sale items! Bring your friends along so you could share the discount - the more the merrier! Don't say I didn't warn you when you walk out the store with bags full of beauty goodies. Now that's Christmas shopping made easy for you (and your wallet)!



  1. Awww... Sayang I wasn't able to shop with you guys! Layo kasi ng work! Super WOAH! sa discounts ah! I'll just drop by na lang soon sa isang TBS store... good thing there are other dates for the sale. :)

    1. Working girl ka na! :D Yup, until October 25 pa naman yung sale. Pati yung favorite mong White Musk Libertine kasama. See you tomorrow! :)

  2. Now i wish there's a branch near me. The sale looks so tempting.

    1. Indeed, it is! I was at Trinoma yesterday, and I had to enter The Body Shop just because I might see something that I didn't see in their SM Megamall branch (where these sale pics were taken). :D

  3. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Helen! Imma go check out the body shop and hopefully the stuff I'd want to buy would be discounted pretty good.

    * I have an upcoming giveaway sponsored by Suesh. Subscribe to my channel to be able to join my upcoming giveaway.



    1. You're welcome, Iya! I'm sure you'd find what you want (and more!) in the sale.

  4. I should have waited a little, pero bibibli ulit ako ng body butters

    1. Yes, I saw in your blog nung 50% off yung core body butters. You can stock up because they're sealed and have a long shelf life.

  5. Woww it's amazing!!

    1. The huge discount is pretty amazing! :)

  6. Hi again. I hope you don't mind me linking this post to my post. You can check it here
    Just let me know if you want to edit anything or have it remove.
    Thanks :D

    1. Hello Arya! Read about your haul - my fave was the body butters you got. Thanks for linking me! :)

  7. Sooo disappointed at SM South's branch, di daw naka-sale yung Banana Shampoo and Conditioner? Plus yung body butters nila yung peach, blueberry and choco aside from duos lang yung included sa 4 for 50%off? I don't know if that's their real "sale" or confused sila kasi nagtatanong ung SA to the cashier and I dont know.. Sad lang I wanna try yung ibang body butters kaso 10% off lang yata sila (Satsuma, Sweet Lemon) but still happy with the things I bought hehe at naka-free membership pa ako <3

    1. Oh no, they might just be confused. The Originals range (including the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner) has to be on sale. As for the body butters, only selected variants are included, but for sure, Satsuma and Sweet Lemon are part of the sale! :P I even saw the newly repackaged Sweet Lemon body butters on sale in SM North, and those are fresh, new stocks. :)


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