Monday, September 17, 2012

T-cup-zone @ Banawe

My family loves dining in Banawe because it's so near our place, plus there are lots to choose from. We spotted this new tea place near along Banawe cor. Linaw street (almost next to Chef Robert), and we had to try it out!

T-cup-zone serves Taiwanese dishes, snacks, and the ever so popular milk tea. But they have expanded their menu and added unique dishes and drinks and other milk tea places don't have. (They have sushi rolls, spaghetti bread, and diamond jelly shakes!) The prices are affordable so you'd find yourself ordering one snack after another. (Uh-oh. That adds up!)

The shop is pretty spacious, with soft couches and a second floor to boot. There is also a smoking area outside. Parking could be a problem though as the space could only fit about 3 cars if I remember it correctly.

I wasn't able to take pictures of all the drinks and food we ordered. But I'll share with you the one I had!

Diamond Jelly Shake
Peanut Shake + Pudding + Crystal Diamond + Milk Shake

It's a peanut shake! Am I the only one who is excited about this? :D My officemates think that it's weird when I tried telling them about this, but I really really like it! It reminds me of choc-nut and peanut butters! Plus see the layers - peanut shake below, then pudding, then nata de coco, the milk shake. It's genius! It doesn't hurt that it costs below P100.00! They have other fruit-based flavors for this (like ripe mango and strawberry) if you're not too fond of peanuts.

My sister had a malty chocolate milk tea drink. Other must tries are their pudding + pearls dessert (yes, all pudding!), and their deep fried squid! Super yummy. I can't wait for my next visit! :)

T-cup-zone, Banawe
(632) 474-6463 / 383-7975
847 Banawe St., Quezon City, Manila, Philippines



  1. It's so big, T-cup-zone, haha! I want to try the peanut drink! YUUUM HAHAHA

  2. how does the deep fried squid taste like? :)

    1. Di ko maexplain e, pero de-toothpick siya na fried squid. Super bango ng amoy, parang ma-pepper na calamares (pero hinde), basta masarap. Pwedeng ulamin! Hahaha!

  3. You would also love to try their rice rolls. It is stuffed with different meat of your choice. Stuff comes with seafood, chix, and beef. mine's roasted chicken =)

    1. Sounds amazing! :D Is that the one that looks like a giant sushi roll?


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