Saturday, September 1, 2012

[CLOSED] A!life Control: Curb the Carbs, Get the Curves + Giveaway

We live in a country where carbs rule! One proof is the success of restaurants that serve unlimited rice meals. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy all those delicious food, we must always keep in mind that moderation is the key.

While this post is all about taking control, let me tell you about my story first. I find it hard to gain weight, and I burn calories by just breathing and sitting. I have an ectomorph body type, which means that I have very fast metabolism. My friends tell me that it's a blessing, and sometimes I think it really is (especially when I am eating happily), but I always get comments like "you're too thin" and "you need to eat more". Oh, if they only knew that I eat even more rice than some my male colleagues!

That's me at the left side!

But then, I believe in the cause of A!life in wanting to spread awareness in the importance of controlling body weight in ensuring good health, so I'd want to share with you what a!life Control is all about.

Obesity is a growing trend here in our country, and this is a threat as it could lead to heart disease and other chronic degenerative diseases like cancer. Controlling body weight is essential in ensuring good health, but totally ditching carbohydrates or depriving oneself through crash dieting is not a healthy option. A!life Control is a health supplement that helps block carbohydrate absorption so we can indulge in carbohydrates minus the guilt.

Watch your weight without giving up carbs.

A!life Control (30's - P600.00) is a breakthrough supplement that has Phase 2™, an all-natural white bean extract proven by multiple clinical studies to minimize the absorption of carbohydrates. This patented white kidney bean extract reduces the caloric impact of starchy foods while lowering one’s glycemic index. Used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise, this carbohydrate blocker can also assist in weight control. Taken 5-10 minutes before a carbohydrate-loaded meal, we can now control our weight and achieve a slimmer figure.


Trivia: the white bean extract actually comes from a natural source: our good ol' patani (yes, the one from the bahay kubo song)!

A!life treated bloggers to an intimate dinner at Cerchio Grill & Lounge in Tomas Morato. Everyone was given a sample of A!life Control prior to the sumptuous meal they have prepared for us - just so we can enjoy and sample everything minus the guilt. With A!life Control, it's possible to curb the carbs and get the curves!

a!life has recently launched their Take Control! Life the a!life Facebook Promo. Be one of the faces of a!life and join top bloggers Dominique Tiu, Martha Sta. Barbara, and Czjai Ocampo as online brand ambassadors. Get a chance to win P10,000, a professional makeover, and photoshoot for a feature spread in!

Visit the contest tab here.

I'd like to end this post with a mini-giveaway! Since I am trying to gain weight right now, I don't think it's appropriate for me to take this, so others might be able to appreciate this more. One lucky reader will get to try 1 box of a!life Control (worth P600.00) for free!

(1) Follow Lucky Citrine via Google Friend Connect (GFC).

(2) Comment to this blog post on why you want to try a!life Control. (That's easy!) Include your GFC name, full name, and email address together with your answer so I could check and contact you in case you win.
(3) Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be announced via blog post and email. He/she will have to respond within 1 week or else the prize will be forfeited.
(4) I will ship the prize via Xend. 
(5) Open to Philippine readers only.
(6) Contest period: September 1-30, 2012.

Looking forward to your comments! :)



  1. Oooohhhh so ectomorph pala ang tawag sa mga kagaya natin! :) haha... I'm not gonna join your giveaway anymore, but I will share this! ;)

  2. Gosh, just by seeing the pictures of the food at the event makes my drools. XD
    i want to win the a! life control because im such a glutton, i always have false hunger thats why i ate when i feel the urge to eat even though i just ate my dinner. i get easily have fat just by eating a few cup of rice and the result are so immediate. :(( i hope to win this to lose some couple of pounds :)) and to be confident of my own body. xoxo

    GFC name jenny07_tm
    full name jenny ruth austria
    email address

  3. i want to win the a!life control because I'm a bit on a heavy side and at this point, I've started to take an interest in cooking and baking so I want to win this so that I can keep my weight in control and since a!life is natural, I don't have to be scared of side effect and I can still go on my culinary journey.

    GFC Name: Carolyn Ong
    Full Name: Carolyn Ong

  4. I love sweets! Although I try to limit my carbohydrate intake and exercise regularly, I still tend to gain weight, that's why I want to try A!life Control :)

    GFC: frenchly
    NAME: Frenchly Joyce Caspe

  5. The food! Dear God. Your food photos made me drool. We have the same body type! I can't get fat too. However, I am joining this giveaway for my mother. She needs to lose weight so as not to exacerbate her osteoarthritis. I hope I win!

    GFC: Aviva Domasian
    Name: Aviva Domasian

  6. I want to win A!Life Control because I have a sweet tooth. I eat sweets often and I love foods loaded with carbs. Since I'm a SAHM, I need a lot of energy to do mommy duties but sometimes I lack the energy that I need because I gain weight easily. It's in our genes that we get fat easily. So I hope A!life can help me maintain or somehow lose some weight that I gained these past few months.

    GFC: Kath
    Name: Katherine Rose Rivera

  7. I need this, but I won't join as I'm afraid of pills and such. Haha! I think you're lucky though that you can eat as much as you want without worrying about weight gain and fitting into your clothes. :)


  8. hi dear.. i think i need this one.. after giving birth, i cant control myself eating much =( i want to be healthy in and out.. =)

    GFC: rhaindropz
    Name: Rhania E. Chang


  9. GFC name, full name, and email address together with your answer so I could check and contact you in case you win.

    GFC Name: Stylestat
    Katherine Co

    I would love to win a!life Control! Just in time that I am on a diet! It might be meant to be for me to try this and it will be a great help in my diet part of my preparation for my sister's wedding.

    Kath :)

  10. why you want to try a!life Control :
    I can't resist to eat junk foods! I also love to eat breads and sweets that's why I want to try a!life Control to help me balance my diet :)
    GFC name : Gen-zel
    full name : Gen-zel D. Habab
    email address :

  11. Wow, lucky you don't gain weight!!! :) Sayang di ako nakapunta dito!

    1. But I want to gain weight! Haha! :) Hope to see you soon, Hazel!

  12. I want a!life control because I can't stop myself from craving foods that I know can make me gain weight so I think I need something to control my cravings....

    GFC: 11ghieszelle07
    full name: Gizzele Alfonso

  13. I'm an obese person and loves to eat carb foods. Honestly I want to get slim at least 30-40% but it is really hard for me to do it and the same time the flow of my works makes me feel pressure everyday so food is my "supplement". I want to win because I want to try this, ika nga makatulong ^_^

    GFC: Mei Santiago
    Mei Santiago

  14. GFC:ruby
    Ruby S. Papio

    Mahilig ako sa matatamis kaya tingin ko kelangan ko ang a!life control to control my body's weight

  15. I want to try this because I want to be able to feel comfortable about myself and to do that, I have to achieve the body and health I want :)

    GFC: Angel Diamante
    Full Name: Nadine Christine Diamante

  16. GFC: claire sereno
    fullname: claire sereno

    I want to win A Life Control because they can make me confident with my body even if i will eat a lot (I love eating). Eating is my favorite past time and I can't control it but with a life! I can eat anything I want and live an A Life!


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