Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something Handy: Twinings Personal Tea Canister

Here's another dose of tea love with my favorite tea brand, Twinings! While buying some groceries, I chanced upon this limited edition box of Twinings that came with a free personal tea canister. Even if it did not come in my favorite flavor (Green Tea with Mint), I bought it anyway because I liked the freebie. (Bring your favorite Twinings tea anytime, anywhere? Yes please!)

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea with Free Personal Tea Canister

It's just a simple silver metal box, but I love it because it keeps my Twinings tea safe, dry, and not squished in any way inside my bag. Now I want a Twinings tea cup and spoon like the ones at the back of the box. :D

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea

This is the first variant of Twinings tea I've tried - the one which started it all. I love how delicate it tastes and how fragrant this floral tea is. This one is my Dad's favorite variant.

Twinings Infusions Pure Peppermint

Because of my love affair with anything peppermint, I bought this just because I wanted to try something new. This one is similar to my favorite Green Tea with Mint, but it packs on a stronger mint taste. It's also caffeine-free so you can drink all you want even at night. I love this one, too. The next ones I'm looking forward to try are the fruit-based infusion drinks from Twinings.

What's your favorite cup of Twinings tea? :)



  1. ooh i'll check that out! i hope we have it here in cebu. hehe i luv twinings four red berries

  2. I usually buy the ones that come in packs. I believe the one I have has Lady Grey tea, Earl Grey tea, English breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea. :) :D

    1. Does all that come in 1 set? :D I haven't tried those yet - just more of green tea and mild flavors.

    2. Yep, all come of those come in one pack. :D I buy my tea in Parkson's Pampanga. It's cheaper eh. :P Their sets come in different variants. :D

    3. Wow that's so nice! :D I wish we had those sets here. The only sets I see in the supermarkets are the green tea ones - 5 variants in a box.

  3. Hi! Where do you buy Twinings tea? I've had no luck in finding this brand in any of the grocery stores I've visited, unfortunately. :/

    1. Hi Kaye! I usually buy Twinings from Landmark Trinoma and Hi-Top Supermarket in Quezon Avenue. The one with the freebie, I got from Puregold QI Central branch. Hope this helps. :)


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