Monday, April 8, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in #3 Sweet & Sour Lemon Candy

Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection has the most irresistible packaging, and this I think is why it's such a big hit here and abroad! Imagine having a lip tint gloss that looks like a candy cane. If you want your lips and makeup kit to look as sweet as candy, then you'll like this one!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in #3 Sweet & Sour Lemon Candy (P248.00)
Fruit-scented tint gloss in fun candy cane designs and popping colors

The Sweet Recipe Candy Stick comes in 3 flavors/shades: Orange Flavored Candy, Sweet & Sour Lemon Candy, and Seedless Strawberry Candy.

All 3 variants cast a pinkish tint when applied, but in terms of shade intensity, lemon has the lightest shade, then orange, then strawberry (which has the strongest tint).

The Sweet Recipe Candy Stick is a tint gloss. It's like a lip tint with a glossy finish. It has a slightly waxy texture that glides on your lips like a lip balm, but even better since it changes to a pink tint with a hint of shine without being heavy or sticky. Since it's a tint, the color lasts very long on your lips, that you'd need to use a makeup remover to fully remove it at the end of the day.

I'm currently on a tinted lip balm phase, since I love how it conveniently adds moisture and color to my lips (hence, life to my face) effortlessly. Since I can't reapply lipstick every so often (since my lips gets dry because of the air-conditioner in the office), and I don't like the stickiness of lip gloss, then tinted lip balms or lip tints are the way to go!

This product contains 5 natural extracts (Bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon extracts) to keep the lips soft, supple, and more resilient to damage. It also contains Xylitol for that sweet flavor. Each tint gloss smells like the actual flavor they have. Mine smells and tastes like tangy sweet lemon candy.


The product might look yellow, but it gives a pink-peach tint when applied. It takes a few minutes for the color to fully transform, though.



My pale, dry lips was instantly transformed into a healthier, pinker one just after a few minutes after application. For more pigmented lips, I would recommend the strawberry or orange variant since they give a darker pink tint.

The only thing I don't like about this product is that after a few uses, the product won't go back down even if you turn the base, and you'd have to push it back manually and gently. Be careful when using this so you won't push too much product out.

Learn more about Etude House's Sweet Recipe collection here. Like Etude House Philippines on Facebook today for more information, promos, and updates. They'll be having a Grand Sale (20% off on ALL products in their stores, including the Sweet Recipe Collection!) once they reach 200,000 fans.

I love how this super cute tint gloss adds sweetness to both my lips and kikay kit. I can instantly spot it in my kit, amongst all the chaos that is my makeup collection. What product from the Sweet Recipe collection are you loving right now? :)



  1. My sister loves this! She has the orange one which is a tad darker and redder than this one. But I like this color better. ^^ Might buy it for myself.

    1. But I like the pink one better! Hehehe! :D This one is nice for that natural look.

  2. That cutie lip shades, I also love to use this not just for fashion but also for healthier lips. Oro Gold

    1. It gives color and care to our lips, which is good. :)


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