Saturday, April 6, 2013

Discover Your Passion

Everyday, we hear it in the news that we've hit a new record of having an all-time high temperature. It's so hot, I don't even want to stay at home. It's either I go someplace even hotter (like the beach) or somewhere cold (like the mall). Haha! To cool us down a bit, I'd like to share with you all The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's (CBTL) latest drinks that's perfect for summer. Let's all discover our passion as we try out their new passion guava delicious drinks.

CBTL officially launched their new flavors last March 17, 2013 via an Open House, wherein everyone who comes to visit their stores nationwide got to try it out for free.

Three variants of the Passion Guava drinks:
Passion Guava Tea Latte
Passion Guava Tea Latte (Iced)
Passion Guava Fru-Tea 

Passion Guava Tea Latte
Our creamy tea latte made with passion guava honeybush infusion. Also available iced.

Passion Guava Fru-Tea
A tasty frozen blend of tangy passion fruit and sweet guava.

This drink has that fresh blend of exotic fruits such as passion fruit and guava, and is best enjoyed while lounging on the beach. (How I wish I could escape from the city at this very moment.) It's very refreshing and light, but it's more sweet than tangy. If you're looking for something new to cool down with, try this!

To celebrate CBTL's 50th Annivesary, they're having the "Thank You For 50!" promo, where they have a featured beverage every Monday (3PM-5PM) at 50% off.

This coming Monday (April 8, 2013), enjoy 50% off on their Caramel Macchiato. Enjoy it hot or iced, but most of all, enjoy it at half its regular price.



  1. It really has been too hot lately! I'd love to try their iced drinks too to cool down. ^^

    1. CBTL's Ice Blended drinks are really cool treats on a hot summer day. :)


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