Thursday, June 23, 2016

Purrfect day at Pink Parlour (OPI Manicure + Brazilian Wax + Boudoir Lotions)

The cutie pink kitties at Pink Parlour wanted me to have a grand afternoon yesterday! This is one thing I love about my fun (yet fleeting) student life - language school in the morning and stress-free afternoons! My choir mate mentioned that I seemed happier, the staff at Pink Parlour said I've finally gained weight (in a good way, since she's a witness of my super skinny state around 2 years ago). :D

I dropped by their SM North EDSA The Block branch once more for some me-time. This is my go-to place for Brazilian wax because they get the job done in 15 minutes! :o

My cuticles were so dry because of doing the laundry so I had an OPI Manicure done, which included shape, cuticle groom, and paint.

I usually pick red, but decided I wanted a nude look this time. Who am I kidding? In the end, I chose the mysteriously beautiful shade Kermit Me To Speak, a duochrome shade! I can't pinpoint the exact color of this, sometimes it looks like gold, rose gold, olive, pink, and purple foil at different angles. It's so pretty and I'm skipping my laundry because of this. Haha :D

As usual, I had another Brazilian Wax done. I've honestly lost count how many times I've had this done already. The last one I had was 10 weeks ago so regrowth was sparse. The procedure was almost painless, and we were really done in around 15 minutes or a few seconds less. AMAZING.

My skin isn't the most sensitive, so I used to just skip the aftercare products. I wouldn't wet the area for 4 hours, no hot baths, and I'd  exfoliate after 3 days. But still, ingrown bumps happen. :/ 

Yesterday, I was introduced to Pink Parlour Boudoir products AKA something I should've used ages ago to prevent all the ingrowns that have come and gone. These lotions are made to care for your skin after waxing. They are Australian made and aren't tested on animals.

On a side note, Kitty always has a different look every time I drop by. I'm loving her classy makeunder. She used to have tons of clips, then a tiara, then this giant bow. You can check my previous Pink Parlour posts here. ;)

Pink Parlour Boudoir Smooth Bump Freedom Lotion (P950)

The Smooth Bump Freedom Lotion eases the discomfort of waxing and most importantly - retards hair growth! It's gentle, lightweight, and unscented. It contains macadamia and jojoba seed oils to moisturize the skin. It can be used on the legs, chest, and back, too! Use 1 day after waxing, and daily for 2 weeks.

Pink Parlour Boudoir Soothe Calm Protect Lotion (P750)

Calm Protect Lotion is the one they use on me after waxing to remove sticky wax residue and also to soothe and reduce redness. It's so gentle and it never stings. It contains a high amount of macadamia seed oil to moisturize and tea tree leaf oil, which comes third on the ingredients list. Tea tree oil is antimicrobial, so it fights ingrown hair and inhibits the formation of pustules. This lotion is fragrance-free, but it does have the naturally strong scent of tea tree oil similar to the scent of The Body Shop's tea tree skincare range. The Calm Protect Lotion is very versatile, as you can also use it as a manicure and pedicure treatment, and to soothe itchiness brought about by skin irritations and insect bites (something I am in dire need of right now). You can use this twice daily together with the Bump Freedom Lotion.

I tried the Calm Protect Lotion just now on 2 fresh and itchy mosquito bites, and IT WORKS! No more itchiness. ♥

Tip: Save P200 when you get both lotions. No more bumps and ingrown hair! :D


I also got to meet fabulous Niño of Pink Parlour for the first time, after countless emails for over 3 years already. I'm so happy! Thank you for the fun and chill afternoon. :D
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Have YOU tried getting a Brazilian wax? If you haven't yet, try it at least once in your life. It will make you feel so clean and free. No kidding!


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  1. My go to place for brazilian wax too! Awesome customer service!

  2. OPI is the best! Btw, how are the waxong rooms there?

    1. They do last longer than cheap polish. The waxing rooms are all pink and clean! :)

  3. what it feels like getting Brazilian wax?

    1. Masakit for ilang seconds, but it's very very very tolerable. Tapos ang fresh lang afterwards. Try it!


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