Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day Trip: Alviera Go Play

It's been a long time since I felt like a kid, but Alviera Go Play made last weekend super fun! It was the perfect huling hirit sa tag-init that featured the world's first game show inspired playground. (I say it so because I didn't even need to go to the beach to get tanned, because Porac, Pampanga has beach weather almost everyday.) This one-day summer festival had outdoor fun and wacky games inspired by hit TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, and Gladiators. Kids and kids at heart all rejoiced! :D

Alviera Go Play was a full day of lively games, mental and physical challenges, foamy frolic, bouncy inflatables, prizes, food, and music.

Panda and I were invited to GO PLAY! :D We were excited, and I think this was our only decent shot because after that was running, playing, and sweating. LOL
Human Foosball

The Wacky Inflatable Challenge
Agawan Base

The last fling of the summer featured the craziness of Human Foosball, runners in a Wacky Inflatable Obstacle challenge, Agawan Base players dressed in zorb balls, and lay-ups with binoculars in Binocular Basketball. Active challenges delighted and challenged guests such as kicking a goal without wobbling, but only after spinning yourself silly in Dizzy Penalty Kick.
Kids Area

During the afternoon, there was an hourly foam bash party. Kids aged 12 years old and below were treated to an exclusive inflatable play area. (Inggit much! Last year, I remember playing in an inflatable house in Chocolate Ville, Bangkok until kids invaded it. Tsss. Haha)
Water Obstacle Course

The water obstacle course where players had to avoid giant swinging balls to get to the end was a challenging crowd-pleaser!
Human Tic Tac Toe

The lines were impossibly long that day and the weather scorching hot, so my friends decided to venture to the games with fewer people. Human Tic Tac Toe was fun but we lost! HAHA! (Huhu, no tickets!) It was hard to run a short distance and stop abruptly, but it was a good game!
Dizzy Maze

Panda tried out the Dizzy Maze and won! :D
Go Card Photo Challenge

I enjoyed the Go Card challenge more since it gave more tickets without needing to spin and get dizzy. All we had to do were take photos of what was written in the 9 boxes. The most challenging was finding John Cena and Waldo!
Breakout Philippines Escape Room Game

Alviera Go Play is a partnership between Alviera and Runtertainment, the company behind Outbreak Manila, Slidefest Philippines and Breakout Philippines. Players sampled the Breakout Philippines Escape Room Game at the event, and had a real taste of the game’s excitement and mystery.
Aerial Walk

The Alviera Go Play also featured the thrilling attractions of SandBox for a full outdoor summer adventure. Go Players had an opportunity to enjoy SandBox attractions like the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower free fall, wall climbing, and Avatar One rollercoaster zipline. (This one here is the Aerial Walk, which I conquered 2 years ago. I can't wait to go back and try this one again!)

Alviera Go Play ran like an outdoor arcade where players can earn more tickets or exchange them for prizes. A Regular Go Player was allotted one to 10 points, while the Extreme Go Player had 20 points. Children aged 7 and below registered as Go Kids Player and started off with 10 points. Each activity required points to join in. Every successful activity gained a player more points. Players “refilled” points at the point refilling station and winners exchanged points for souvenir items. 


And so before we left, we had a whopping 88 tickets. HAHA! A super far cry from the major prizes (Trip for 4 to Boracay or gadgets, anyone?), but we had a fun experience at Go Play! I wonder who won these prizes. Haha :D

Before going home, we had the tickets exchanged to these! They lowered the points requirement, so we got several packs of Magic snacks, a direwolf for Panda, and a tiger for me. And yet we were happy! Haha :D

Alviera Go Play was a fun event to cap off the summer. It was full of memorable moments, big laughs, and team work. It's where the young and old alike can enjoy. It's still in the works, but you may see Go Play go live soon, probably at BGC! :o

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  1. This looks fun! I was laughing so hard at the "finding John Cena and Waldo" challenge. Hehe :P


    1. Grabe yun, nakadikit sila sa unexpected places like side ng slide and sa may cement platform. LOL :D


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