Friday, March 4, 2016

Loving My Revlon Beauty Ritual Kit

Last February, I saw the release of Revlon's newest lippie, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I wanted ALL shades since I'm a sucker for matte lipstick. I almost forgot to join their IG contest, wherein the prize was a Beauty Ritual Kit. It just popped on my mind the Monday after Valentine's Day (which was the last day of joining), so I took a shot of my well-loved Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain on top of the carnation bouquet my Panda gave me and dashed off to work. When I returned home, I posted my entry ASAP. A few days after, I won! :D Weeee! I had to go to their office in Makati just to claim this on a weekday afternoon, but the long trip was worth it. I carried my precious all the way home, and I couldn't stop smiling. Hey, it's been a while since I won something so I'm happy! :D 
Revlon Beauty Ritual Kit
Revlon did an amazing study on how a beauty ritual can positively affect your love life. My initial thought was "of course you'll get a better love life when you fix yourself up more often", but they even had statistics to prove it. For one week, 710 women were asked to follow a beauty ritual with makeup, fragrance, chocolate, and a mirror.

The results?

97% saw an improvement in their love lives! ♥ 
89% felt more confident
71% wanted more romance
74% were more likely to flirt
65% got more compliments
60% found partner to be more romantic

I'm so game to try the Revlon Love Test for myself. The idea here is to engage your senses. It's amazing how taking a few minutes of your time to do these as you start your day can lead to something more. ;)

Go through the steps of this ritual each day:

1. Apply fragrance.

Revlon Love is On EDT is a sexy mix of Italian lemon, fresh berries, and velvety rose. I'm liking this romantic and feminine scent a lot, and I think my Panda loves it because he gets extra affectionate whenever I'm wearing this. Maybe this can be my secret love potion! (Oh no if he reads this. Hihi) This lasts the entire day on me! I spray this in the morning before I head to work, and I can still smell it by the time I get back home during the evening. 

2. Savor a mint or chocolate.

Revlon collaborated with Theo & Philo to create these poetic chocolate bars which I love both for the packaging and for the goodness that's inside. I finished savored (as instructed) the entire bar which left me in a really happy mood. Haha! The Milk Chocolate variant was rich, smooth, and creamy - it could compete with Hershey's! Super world class but proudly Philippine-made! 

3. Apply lip color.

I LOVE YOU, my babies! These are the newest stars in my kit, in the shades Devotion, Obsession, and Passion. Even their names sound intriguing! My first impressions: Devotion is an everyday natural peachy pink shade, Obsession is too bright of a pink, and Passion is LOVE. Will do a separate review for these lovelies soonest!

Clue: My favorite is Passion. Es muy hermoso!

4. Take a slow, deep breath.

5. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

This compact is so luxurious with its black and gold design by Marchesa. It has 2 sides - a regular mirror and a magnifying one. Handy! Now, look at yourself in the mirror, smile, and say, "I love you!" :)

Repeat these steps daily for a week. You can experiment by trying out this ritual at different times of the day, rearranging the steps, and even trying out new looks (such as mixing lipcolor shades to come up with a new one). It's creative of how Revlon came up this, and you can customize your own beauty ritual kit even with the products you have at home. Enjoy! :3

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