Monday, March 28, 2016

Tony Moly BCDation Water Pact SPF 50+ PA+++

It's so hot outside! RealFeel can get as high as 40°C, so anything that can help me cool down already gets a plus in my book. For instance, I was never really into soft drinks, because I don't enjoy the "ahh" moment (the carbonated drink's "spirit" is way too strong for me). Until I tried McDo's Frozen Coke (in Slurpee form!), and I've craved for it ever since. It's like a soft textured Coke! Okay, before I get sidetracked by that, let's get on with today's review: Tony Moly BCDation Pact. The name itself already is a mix of BB cream, CC cream, and foundation, but this product does even more. It has an 8-in-1 function - one of which I find pretty helpful right now, which is cooling

Tony Moly BCDation Water Pact in 01 Skin Beige (P1,198)
Mist + Sunblock + BB + CC + Foundation + Cooling + Soothing + Whitening
  • Perfect moisture cover lasting 24 hours
  • Powerful UV Protection
  • Instantly lowers skin temperature -2°C
  • Immediately deliver moisturizing agent
  • Contains 100% mineral sparkling water

This is different from the usual cushion pact, because for one, it doesn't have cushion inside! It's a water pact, and the entire content is a face base in a solid cream foundation form. The packaging looks extra posh and adds a very premium feel to the overall product. 

This pact contains 17g of product inside and is good for 12 months after you open it. 

It comes with a mirror and a soft rubbery/springy puff. The puff is also unique in a way because unlike the usual ones that come with cushion pact, this one absorbs less product so there's less wastage. 

It also has a divider to separate the puff applicator with the product. This product comes in 2 shades: 01 Skin Beige and 02 Natural Beige. 

The one I got was 01 Skin Beige, which suits my skin just right! My personal preference though is to apply this pact using my clean finger to warm it up a bit so it would blend easier. As you can see, a swipe covers my pores and kills redness instantly! 

Before & After (wearing Tony Moly BCDation Water Pact alone)

Tony Moly BCDation Water Pact has a sheer to medium coverage and a glossy finish. (Yup, not dewy. It's cold in Korea so they like makeup that can make their skin look and feel moisturized.) It's hydrating and has a very high SPF so you'd be protected from harsh elements. As for the face mist function, it contains a special ingredient that is 100% sparkling mineral water/carbonated water (instead of plain water) which gives the skin a fresher feeling and finish. This pact claims to cool your skin down by 2°C; though I can't measure to the exact degree, it does make my skin feel slighly cool but just for a few seconds. Since this is a BB + CC + foundation, it does have decent coverage as it can hide pores, redness, and minor skin imperfections. Also, no breakouts and irritations from this one!

Because of it's glossy finish, it does feel a bit sticky. Since I have oily skin, I can't wear it alone or else I'll just look ridiculously shiny, so I always finish this off with powder to make it last. I would recommend this only for those with dry to normal skin, but not for oily skin.

I like the Tony Moly BCDation Water Pact for its pretty packaging and the convenience it brings. An 8-in-1 product in a pact is very travel-friendly! No need to lug around separat bottles of mist, sunblock, BB, CC, and foundation. However, it is not for my oily skin. It is something I can use though when I decide to go on a trip with a cooler climate. Should they come up with one with a matte finish but with the same benefits, that's certainly one to look out for!

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  1. I love how BB creams look on the skin I waiting for one that would sit well on oily skin like mine :)

    1. Same here! BB creams are light but they make my skin glow. I want one that would withstand my oily skin too, and when I find it I will never let go. Haha :)


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