Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe in Katipunan

One Sunday right after church, my Panda, Desi, and I were thinking of where to eat or go since we're all not too hungry yet, and my Panda randomly suggested Barkin' Blends. Weee!!! We were all so exited on the way there. We never dared to go to Katipunan during weekdays (hello traffic!). Waze took us there on a Sunday lunchtime for just 20 minutes.

Upon reaching Barkin' Blends, you're required to pay an entrance fee for P190 (with an inclusive drink). That entitles you to 2 hours inside the dog zone. I wasn't able to take a photo of our drinks, but they were so-so anyway. Our main purpose were the cute dogs!

The dog room was packed as there were a lot of guests. We chose to sit on the floor so we could interact with the dogs. All the dogs were very used to humans so they weren't scared, but neither did most of them willingly approach the guests to play. They're all crazy about their trainers and would follow them everywhere they went. Not all dogs were present that day, since their appearances were all on rotation so they could rest, too. Also, the dogs are trained to pose for the camera (with the instruction of the trainer).

Milo, this cutie little Yorkshire Terrier, liked to hang out with kids.

Enrique (Miniature Schnauzer) is my friend Tiff's favorite baby from Barkin' Blends because he slept on her lap the last time she went here.

Desi saved this Shih Tzu from being bullied by another dog. :3 I'm not sure if this one's Chewie or Wookiee but le doggie looked like Chewie from Star Wars. Haha!

Kaoroo the Dachshund looks like a mini hotdog dog and I'm assuming she's a girl. She is one of the sweetest dogs I saw there since she loves cuddling and sleeping on people's laps. When she woke up, I so wanted her to approach me, but she went to my Panda... twice! After quite some time, I was convinced I had no dog charms since no dog had approached me yet.

Here's Martha (Irish Setter), who had just woke up after a long nap. (She was running endlessly prior to her nap.) She even did some stretching! So cute but I was scared since she's huge. Then she looked at me.

TENEN!!! I was so shocked when she approached me, because I am scared of huge dogs. Good thing she's nice. When she settled herself to my lap, she slept again. HAHA! Martha had the most beautiful mane. It's a beautiful shade of brown, very smooth and shiny. Her hair's condition is even better than mine. LOL!

Sleeping dogs :3

When my legs went numb from her weight, Martha shifted her body across our laps, and then later went to lie on my Panda's lap, too! And yes, his legs went numb, too. Haha! After some time we had to go, Martha still won't budge. The owner laughed when she saw Martha cuddled up like a puppy. :3

But our visit to Barkin' Blends was made complete by Skye (Siberian Husky). Good thing it wasn't her day off! :D She's super popular among the guests, and everyone wanted to take a photo with her. She's beautiful! If I were to have a dog, I'd choose a Husky and name it Hushus. HAHA! Nooooo. There has to be a nicer name.

Barkin' Blends also sell these cutie dog cupcakes and Barkin' Burgers inspired by their resident dogs. Very creative! :D I haven't tried any food from them yet though. Also, I prefer the setup of Barkin' Blends having a different area for the restaurant and dog zone. My friends have been to cat cafes before, and the cats were allowed to roam around freely and some even steal your food. :O Ugh, never been a fan of cats! I don't intend to go to one. I'd rather revisit Barkin' Blends again - next time I'll tag my dog-loving little sister along!

I think this was the most sulit P190 I've ever spent. It's way more worth it than a movie or overpriced latte. Being around all those lovable dogs and petting them uplifted our mood like no other. We were on happy high when we went home!

Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe
91 Rosa Alvero St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines
Open from 12:00nn to 9:00pm daily, except Tuesdays
Facebook: Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe
Website: http://barkinblends.com/


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