Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nature Republic SM MOA Store Opening

Nature Republic opened their newest store in SM Mall of Asia (MOA) yesterday, so I headed there straight after class. Their store setup was light and bright as usual, and my favorite thing from newly opened beauty stores would probably be their super fresh and sometimes even still sealed testers. You get to be the first to try them, so swatch all you can!

Nature Republic's store is located in 2/F Entertainment Mall. I'm seldom at MOA so I'm not really familiar with the mall's layout, but I was able to find it quickly. You won't miss it! You have to rush now, since they're having promos until Sunday (April 3) - 20% off on ALL regular-priced items and super awesome GWPs that make me want to cry (tears of joy)!

Someone get me a cake like this for my birthday, please! It's so me! ♥ Cupcakes were also served to the guests and customers. Sweet!

When I go to a store, I like it when they have a shelf highlighting their best sellers - like this! This gives people who are new to the brand an idea of what to buy.

Real Nature Mask Sheets are on a buy 10 take 10 promo again! This only happens when they open a new store. So that's P550 for 20 face masks. Each mask sheet's cost go down to just P27.50! :O Go hoard! Huhu. You can even split this with your friends if you feel like you don't need a lot of face masks. :D

Here's your cheat sheet to which variant will address your skin's concern:

Their Provence Calendula Sun Blocks are a must, especially this summer. I spy a variant on buy 1 take 1! ;)

Nature Republic is famous for their Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, which I believe everyone already has. Let's take a peek at some of their other Aloe products!

Big packs of California Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissue (P475) are on a buy 1 take 1 promo as well!

This one's interesting and could well be my next eye serum when I finish my current one. California Aloe Vera 74 Cooling Eye Serum has 3 small round metal balls as applicator, and they feel oh so relaxing on the skin.

I spotted my Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Cream on the shelf. Now, I'm using the Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser. Review soon! :)

Something interesting: I wasn't able to get the whole name of this product, but it's a huge bottle of cleansing water. For its size, I'd consider it very affordable.

I was torn (for a short while) between the Hawaiian Fresh Clear Toner and the Bee Venom Toner. The Hawaiian one has more product and costs less, but I decided to go for my skin's need (which is a product for acne-prone skin). I like the Bee Venom range's makeover. Their old packaging used to be a matte, off-white one, and now its shiny happy shade of green.

More skincare products! Argan oil is wildly popular, so I bet Real Nature Argan Oil sells pretty fast too.

Pretty jars of Super Aqua Max moisturizers. It contains deep sea water and has a watery cream texture. I'm still choosing between the green (for combination skin) or blue (for oily skin) variants. The pink one is for dry skin.

I've tried a sample of the Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo and it worked wonders. My hair felt soft and tame for the first time without using a conditioner. I'm fancying the Argan shampoo and conditioner and I'll purchase when I run out my favorite Kiehl's hair care products. Argan Essential Curling Essence is something new and interesting for me, since I've always used salt sprays to make my hair extra wavy. I tried it in store, and it's not sticky. Yay!

This time around, my Panda wasn't with me since he's at work so I got him a little something. He mentioned that he'll be buying hair wax this weekend, so I got him a tub of Herb Styling Wax in Matt Hard. I like the scent because it's mild and fresh.

Show your kili-kili some love with the Cotton Armpit Kit! It contains a cotton armpit wash + whitening cream. I also spotted the Cotton Hair Removal Cream, which could be a Veet alternative.

Face bases! Though I'm not searching for a particular BB or foundation as of the moment since I'm still happy with the tinted sunblock I got a few weeks ago. Hihi :>

THESE ONES! I like! I want the highlighter and the lighter shade of contour powder.♥

More bases! Green Tea Pore BB is one I'd consider getting when I feel the itch to buy a new BB cream.

As usual, loads of nail polish to choose from. Strangely enough, my favorite nail care product from Nature Republic is not nail polish, but their super awesome Flower Waltz Color Waltz Nail Remover. I swear, it melts off even the darkest midnight blue polish you have in just seconds.

EXO fans, rejoice! I would like to admit being a Tita and not really knowing who they are, but these are really cute! These are hand creams, but they also have EXO lip balms! :D

Beauty tools. Can you see the basket of GWPs below? O_O ♥ 

MY HAUL! I'm so boring, right? Haha! I chose to restock on necessities and not makeup, because I firmly believe having good skin means you will need less makeup. :D

  • Real Nature Foam Cleanser in Mango (P345)
  • Bee Venom Toner (P695)
  • Herb Styling Wax in Matt Hard (P345)

My bill was discounted 20% off and because I went beyond P1,000, I got a 5-piece Travel Kit for FREE! If you are wearing green, you get a little packet of samples, too! ♥

I'll write more about my haul because it deserves a separate post. Do let me know if you were able to grab awesome deals from Nature Republic SM MOA, okay? I'd love to read about them! :D

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  1. Nature Republic is one of Korea's best store

  2. I was wondering have you tried the aloe vera gel and tea tree combined?

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