Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Collection

The Body Shop's bath and body care items are always a sensorial treat for my senses. Their newest release, Honeymania Collection smells just so nostalgic. One sniff and it took me back to my childhood days when I used to pick flowers for my Grandma during the early morning. Yes, it smells more floral than sweet. Floral was really not what I expected from a collection with the theme honey, but I love it.

Try smelling it in store to see what I mean. ;)

The Body Shop Honeymania Collection

The Honeymania collection contains products with luxurious textures, each enriched with wild-harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth for up to 24 hours. Ideal for normal to dry skin.

I have with me four products from this collection. Here goes!

Honeymania Soap (P195.00)
Contains moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia
Makes skin feel silky soft

That cute bee and honeycomb design makes me to not want to use this soap because they'll be gone the moment I use it. Haha. :\

Honeymania Shower Gel (P395.00)
Contains moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia
Cleanses skin without drying

Start your pampering regime by cleansing with either the Honeymania Soap or Shower Gel. I always prefer using shower gels over bar soap. As with all shower gels of The Body Shop, a little goes a long way, especially when you use it with a bath lily. These would both leave the skin lightly scented, but it won't linger for a long time.

That's why we have the Honeymania Body Butter next! I'll also share with you how you can get this for FREE later! ;)

Honeymania Body Butter (P695.00)
Moisturisation that lasts for 24 hours
Contains moisturising Community Fair Trade shea from Ghana, cocoa butter from Ghana, sesame oil from Nicaragua, Brazil nut oil from Peru, and beeswax from Cameroon

Trivia: The Honeymania Body Butter contains honey made from the nectar of 1000’s of flowers!

My favorite product from this range would have to be the Honeymania Body Butter. Texture wise, it's so thick and it really does feel like butter but it melts on your skin as you apply it. The different variants of The Body Shop's body butters do vary, as I've tried some that are more flowy (like Satsuma and Mango), while this one's almost solid (like Shea). Only, this variant has made its way to my top favorite spot in my own body butter hall of fame because of its hydrating prowess and scent. It. just. smells. so. good!

Helen's top body butter picks:
Top 1: Honeymania
Top 2: Shea
Top 3: Mango

This body butter might have a thick texture, but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all. Give it a few minutes to settle after application, and you're left with super smooth and silky skin. (Cracked heels, begone!) The scent lingers for a long time, too. I apply this at night, and my skin still had that subtle sweet scent, while my room still smelled like Honeymania by the time I wake up. It's pure love, I'm telling you!

At the back of the packaging of both the shower gel and body butter, the are codes you can scan to know more about their amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients stories.

Honeymania Lip Balm (P250.00)
Contains Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon
Deeply moisturizes lips

It looks just like a baby version of the body butter! Only this one's a lip balm and not a lip butter. It smells good, is moisturizing, but is not tinted, so I guess this will be my night lip balm, but I'll share with you more about this on a separate post. :D

For now, here are the promos I'm sure you'll all be excited about!

For LYB Members: Present your LYB card in-store and get Honeymania Body Butter for free when you buy Honeymania body scrub and shower gel. The exclusive bundle is priced at P1,295.00, so you get to save P790.00 until March 17, 2014.

For everyone: Buy 1 at 20% off, 2 or more at 30% off on the entire Honeymania range.

Also, get a gift for every minimum purchase worth P2,500.00. I spy minis of the Honeymania range. Soo cute! I want the tiny body butter! :D

I consider Chocomania a Fall/Winter gourmand scent as it is rich, warm, and comforting. Honeymania is a stark contrast and is perfect for Spring/Summer as it is fresh, radiant, and inviting. Between the two, I prefer Honeymania, and I think I have found a new favorite scent from The Body Shop. Sweet honey and flower nectar, anyone?

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  1. I love the honeycomb shaped soap, it LOOKS moisturizing.

  2. i also wanted to try the honey line (and the choco too) but i still have a lot of stuff from tbs that i needed to get through

    1. Honeymania is way better than Chocomania, so you could skip that! I know, you almost always hoard TBS products! :D

  3. So tempting! I love the concept of honey for skincare, and this is such a great collection. I'm eyeing the soap (how cute is that soap!) and of course the body butter. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome, Pat! I actually thought this would smell like food, but I'm happy its more floral. The shower gel does look like real honey noh? :D

  4. i would love to try this! haha time to put my Loyalty card to good use :P


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