Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tokyo Tokyo's Fire and Ice Festival (Featuring the NEW Cheese Tonkatsu Bento & Snow Ice)

Trivia: Way back in 1985, Tokyo Tokyo was once Makati's delicious little secret, located at the Quad (now Glorietta) Car Park. While other Japanese restaurants offered more traditional experiences, Tokyo Tokyo went the modern approach by being the only quick-service Japanese restaurant that offered unlimited rice with its dishes.

Fast forward to 2014: 29 years later, Tokyo Tokyo continues to grow - with more than 50 stores operating nationwide!

I can't remember how many times I've been to Tokyo Tokyo, but it's my first time to set foot on their branch in Net Lima (The Fort). The restaurant looks so classy! If you knew me personally, I am averse to events that happen in the South (since I live all the way up in the North), but this time around, I couldn't say no to good food and my dear Daniel Matsunaga! Oh yes. ♥

Before we got to try their latest dishes, we were served appetizers first. I believe the Nori-Wasabi Fries is a new item on their menu (and is a must try!), while the California Maki will forever be a popular choice among diners.

For the Fire & Ice Matsuri 祭 (oh, just the Japanese word for a festival), the venue was decorated with red and white lanterns to represent fire and ice, respectively.

Representing Fire is the new Cheese Tonkatsu Bento.

The Cheese Tonkatsu Bento includes a side dish of fresh cabbage strips dressed in a special roasted sesame dressing and unlimited rice. (I am not a big fan of veggies, but rice-all-you-can is music to my ears.) This one actually reminded me of my ex-favorite Menchi Katsu Set from Yabu. Only, Tokyo Tokyo's Cheese Tonkatsu Bento will give them a run for their money for being delicious and affordable at the same time.

For this dish, I've noticed that the pork slices are thicker but still tender. The golden crust is light and crisp, but not too overwhelmingly thick. My favorite part is the cheesy twist! The cheese they stuffed into the pork chop is so creamy and it oozes out when you slice the meat. Love it! Plus points also for the fresh cabbage and very aromatic sesame dressing.

If you think katsu is meant for special occasions since they can be so damn pricey, you'll be thrilled to know that Tokyo Tokyo's Cheese Tonkatsu Bento is priced at just P145.00!

Now let's see what Ice stands for!

It's almost summer (and I bet you can feel that), so Tokyo Tokyo launched Snow Ice, which will be available year-round. Yey! These delectable treats come in heaping bowls of smooth (not chunky) vanilla-flavored shaved ice, drizzled with sweet milk plus tasty toppings to satisfy your dessert cravings. Each big bowl of Snow ice is priced at just P79.00.

Peach Medley goes tropical with juicy slices of tangy peach and tart mango for a true taste esplosion.

Choco Sensation features yummy brownie chunks with sweet mini marshmallows and a generous helping of hot fudge sauce.

Halo-Halo is a twist on the timeless Filipino dessert with lavish servings of ube, nata, leche flan, and crunchy cornflakes.

What sets the Snow Ice from other icy (and watery) desserts is that the ice in itself has a vanilla flavor, so even if you don't top it up with anything, it would still taste like ice cream! I wasn't too thrilled with Peach Medley since it looked rather plain compared to the other variants. Peaches and mango were also a bit sour for me, and I prefer all-out sweet when it comes to dessert. While I expected to love Choco Sensation (based on first impression) and the idea that it's chocolatey, Halo-Halo won me over. Everything's just perfect together, and I particularly love the sweet-salty taste of the ube chunk and the thick and creamy slice of leche flan. (This is something I'm sure my Dad would love, too!)

Tokyo Tokyo Snow Ice is now available at selected stores this month, and in all stores nationwide by April 2014.

Last but not least is the best ever offering of Tokyo Tokyo: Daniel Matsunaga! Hi, love! ♥ Hahaha! :3 He was effortlessly charming and funny, and he charmed almost everyone in the room. (Everyone except for the kuyas or mga tunay na lalake, I guess?)

I can't wait to go back to Tokyo Tokyo! This time, with my family so I could let them try the Cheese Tonkatsu Bento and Snow Ice. So excited! :D Which dish are you craving for right now?

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  1. Inggit!!! Super crush ko si Daniel Matsunaga! Huhuhu

  2. Inggit!!! Super crush ko si Daniel Matsunaga! Huhuhu

    1. Naging crush ko siya that day, Kamila. Haha! :D

  3. wow you had pic with Daniel! *faints* lol

    fan ako at si papa ng california maki nila! for the win!

    1. I like their rice all you can bentos and also that maki! :D

  4. Parang ang sarap ng cheese tonkatsu! :O And bagay kayo ni Daniel Matsunaga!!

    1. HAHAHA! You're such a true friend, Dawn! :D

  5. the sweetest and great blog I ever seen :)


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