Friday, March 21, 2014

Something New: CBTL Melon Mint Fru-Tea & Hand Crafted Macarons

Were you able to join CBTL's Summer Open House last Sunday?

Everytime CBTL hosts an event like this, my family gets excited since it's another chance for us to bond and try something new (for free)!

Since summer is here, CBTL launched 3 summer-inspired drinks: Pomelo Fru-Tea, Melon Mint Fru-Tea, Pure Melon Ice Blended.

Since we all don't like sour drinks (sorry, pomelo), we went for the two melon-themed drinks instead.

Melon Mint Fru-Tea & Pure Melon Ice Blended

Toblerone Cheesecake| Melon Mint Fru-Tea | Pure Melon Ice Blended

My love for anything minty naturally led me to try the Melon Mint Fru-Tea. It tasted really light and refreshing! The mint flavor was slight (not the full-on peppermint toothpaste kind of mint), and it tasted lovely when combined to the sweetness of melon. Never thought this combination could work, but it's good!

I wish I was able to try the Pure Melon Ice Blended, too. My sister said it tasted creamy - just like ice cream!

We also ordered a slice of Toblerone Cheesecake, but the Triple Decker Cheesecake is way better than this.

During the Summer Open House, I noticed that CBTL was now offering hand crafted macarons!

They come in flavors such as lemon x earl grey, orange x raspberry, salted caramel, coffee x vanilla, and chocolate x passionfruit! They're all so tiny though, just like baby bites. Has anyone tried these? :)

I think the new drinks are available this summer only, so I'll go back to CBTL to try the Pure Melon Ice Blended before it's gone. Have you tried the new drinks from CBTL? :D

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