Sunday, January 29, 2017

Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in Black Brown

When I had my brows tattooed, I thought I could escape from grooming my brows.😀 It's been 8 months since my third (and final) retouch, and I still think it's worth it. I wake up with brows, and I have brows even after taking a bath. (A feat that was impossible before I had them done!) I don't feel the need to put on makeup when I'm just running errands, but for days when I have important events to attend to, I do a full face makeup with brow makeup for added definition.
Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in 3 (Black Brown)

This one's actually a present from Dawn, and I've kept it for months before deciding to use it. In the past, I'm used to filling in my brows using eyebrow powder and an angled brush, so I never got trained to do my brows using pencil liners. For starters, this one's very easy to work with! I also like the shade, since I have black hair.

The eyebrow pencil is retractable, so there's never a need to sharpen. On the other end is a spoolie to help blend out harsh lines. Despite the normal pencil size, I find it to contain a tiny amount of product - about just an inch length! If you buy this from Korea, there won't be any problem because it's average price is at KRW2,500 (about P107), which is pretty cheap. But I don't even want to know how much this one costs in our local Skinfood stores, where the markup is exaggerated. (Like when they first got into the Philippines, I thought Skinfood was a high-end brand.)

When worn:

My eyebrow tattoo makes it easy for me to draw on my brows since there's already a pattern to follow. I use the spoolie to blend out the inner parts of my brows for a softer look, but never for the tip because I want it defined. The product goes on smoothly on the skin; it never tugs. Plus points for the black bean nutrients that prevent eyebrow fallout. It lasts fairly long on my oily skin. It's not waterproof, but it stays on as long as I don't rub my brows (as opposed to brow powders that budge when I accidentally touch my brows). For it's normal price in Korea, this one is definitely a good buy.

Price: KRW 2,500 (approximately P107)

What eyebrow product are you currently using? :)


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