Sunday, October 20, 2013

OraCare Merrymint Mouthrinse

I got this sample bottle of OraCare Merrymint Mouthrinse from my second Sample Room order, which you can read about here.

OraCare Merrymint Mouthrinse

About the product:

The first time I tried this variant of OraCare, I love how refreshing it felt. It didn't have the usual sting that came with alcohol-laden mouthwash, nor did it have those colorants that could potentially stain teeth. It's as pure as water, with a slight mint taste (which makes it better than the classic OraCare variant with no flavor, for me at least). It kept my mouth feeling fresher longer, and I actually felt more confident when I use OraCare.

  • Manufacturing and expiry dates are indicated on the packaging.
  • Even the smallest bottle size comes with a measuring cup cap.
  • I love how this mouthrinse is gentle and yet it gives the mouth a very fresh sensation.
  • It contains no alcohol, hence no sting. It's just like gargling with slightly minty water.
  • It has no color, so it has no potential teeth staining effect.
  • It's innovative formula with stabilized chlorine dioxide gets rid of bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds for longer-lasting fresh and clean feeling.
  • It can reduce/minimize morning breath.
  •  The packaging indicated to rinse with 15ml of the product, but I found that 10ml worked just as well.
  • It's affordable.

  • Nothing!

Will I repurchase? Yes!
Price:  P57.20 for 80ml, P156.20 for 250ml
Available in all drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores nationwide.

I would buy this again in full-size, and just refill the small bottle I got from Sample Room so I could bring it with me everywhere. :D



  1. I have tried this, too. It is good. I give this product a thumbs up. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

    1. Same here! Best mouthwash I've tried. :)


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